Will Harvard revoke diplomas from Trump supporters?

Is this a joke?
Yes, in a way.
Harvard is a big joke.

The students are dad serious.

This is what our country has become.

Education is brainwashing.

Harvard should recruit students from China only.
(There are plenty of them now.)

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I’m in a college ENG COMP 102 class -have to read about the “White Supremacist Habitus of the American Classroom” and “Should Writers Use they Own English?” verbatim, no spelling mistake there on MY part, and “If Black English isn’t a language then tell me what is?” …and I’m a little surprised to see how popular the UNgrading movement is in Community College. Apparently, grading school work is racist. I’m learning a lot…

Black English isn’t a language.
It’s a valueless pidgin.
End of the story.

(Linguistically speaking, if the children of pidgin-speaking parents learn this pidgin and use it as native speakers, this pidgin is elevated to the status of “creole.” Heck, who wants to learn that kind of crap anyway.)

Going for a RadTech degree : ENG COMP 102 is a Required course, with a Liberal spin now. Everything is completely different from the two years I attended college in 1981-1983.

They might ban Alan Dershowitz permanently from the campus for defending Trump.