Wild Fires turning California and Oregon Orange

Pretty crazy seeing this, it almost appears biblical that this is happening.

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Yeah, it was bad and strange yesterday, smoke from far away turning everything orange and ash raining down. Someone on the news called it “end-of-the-world-ish”

End of the world? Probably not, but God punishing those evil fks in California and Oregon! Bad Kama, take your pick!


Fires are raging everywhere. 80% caused by PEOPLE.

The latest from a fire 40 miles from Cheyenne, Canyon Peak 102K acres.
Hopefully the snow will slow the fire growth.

Today it’s just gray, but still very smoky and ash is still coming down. That smoke is getting up very high because there’s no fires close to me.

Wednesday drove to Denver, the fire exploded from 22K acres to over 90K acres. Driving I 25 south through Ft Collins was difficult with smoke, limited visibility. The 900 fire fighters cannot put out the fire they can only limit the spread. The fall weather rain and snow will finally put it out.

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Then there is this! Putting the tax payers money to good use?

At least the heat may sanitize those shit filled Californicate sidewalks . Evil has met its match .

Get this! It took wild fires for Gov Kate Brown to finally declare a State of emergency! Her state has been on fire Long before these fires started! :rofl:

Portland Declares State of Emergency as 38 Wildfires Rage Across Oregon

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They say the smoke here in the bay area is coming all the way down from Oregon. It’s bad, ash still raining down.

Social media is causing great damage to society thanks to the pervasiveness of right wing conspiracy theories and hoaxes.

The other night I went outside and the moon was very dark pink/red, I assumed it was a lunar eclipse I hadn’t known about. I searched to see if it was an eclipse and saw, there was no eclipse. It was due to fires far off to the south-east.


That was probably you. If it was, I hope the FBI comes for you. They are at least on the side of truth and justice in this country.

What do the leftists at the FBI have to say about this?


This is the final summer for me in the state that I was born and raised in. California has abandoned me and living here is like living in another country in an alternate reality…often times just like hell. I’m done. No more tax dollars from me California. I’m heading east and never coming back.

You might be giving up prematurely.

I left Cali five years ago. Best decision I ever made although I do miss the ocean.

You are a dumbass and the clowns at the Portland FBI have no idea what they’re doing.