"Why you have no privacy, and how to get it back. (Mostly.)" from Modern Rogue (YouTube)

Why you have no privacy, and how to get it back. (Mostly.)

Provides some very interesting insights on social media, data mining, and approaches to privacy that one can relatively easily take in an entertaining and informative way.

(BTW, how do you embed video here??)

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These two guys are consuming massive amounts of soy, which they should slow down on. Otherwise, thank you for the video because there is a lot of useful information in here that many don’t know about.

So what do you know about DuckDuck.go???

Not a lot. What’s the scoop?

I don’t know and was hoping that you do. That’s what the two guys in your video say we need to use as a search engine…

All I know it that its a search engine that doesn’t hold onto every. single. thing. that you type into it like google does. I would think that using it in conjunction with a bunch of the other privacy-based applications they mention (and not using the Chrome extension they offer) would be the best way to implement using it for less personal invasion. Given the (Mostly.) qualifier on their video title I’m assuming that even taking all of the precautions they mention won’t keep you completely out of the data miners’ view.

I’m also sure that you can take the whole internet privacy thing to the nth degree and be hidden behind multiple firewalls with encrypted operating systems and leapfrogged network cutouts and such if you have the money and/or proclivity and/or time. Of course you would need to understand what actions you might inadvertently take that could destroy the whole house of cards and cause you to have to burn everything down and set up from scratch.

More and more it seems like if you want to have complete privacy you need to buy a boat with cash and sail off into the Indian Ocean. And stay there. Incommunicado. Forever. :frowning:

Damn Zoo…that’s bleak. Let’s just slit our wrists and burn the house down…:rage:

Haha. I think its probably better to just take the 85% solution, be careful, be smart, have a drink or three, and accept that there is no such thing as complete privacy on the internet.

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I know Google is evil and whatnot but their products are superior. The way I avoid Google stalking my every move is by creating a Google account using a burner phone with a VPN. You can get SIM cards on eBay from anywhere in the world. You don’t need any credit cards or identifying information to activate them. They are dirt cheap and generally come with unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, and 10-20 GB of data for around 20 bucks. That’s cheaper than any phone plan you’re going to find in the United States. All you need is a phone that you can plug the SIM card into. Once you have the SIM and the phone you can create a Gmail account that is completely untraceable to you, especially if you disable location services before activating the SIM. If you want to use Google maps you can just download particular locations for use while you are offline (i.e., location services disabled).

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I might seriously look into this just for the fact that Verizon charges me a small fortune every single month and I’m getting tired of paying it.

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