Why White People Aren't Having Kids

It’s no surprise that birth rates are low among White Europeans considering these factors.


White birth rates have fallen off the charts because they are poisoning our food and pumping up the estrogen in everything to make women more fertile and attractive so that they can be inseminated by the invading hordes. It’s the Kalergi Plan gone global.

White people need to start having lots of children.

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Less than half the children in the US under the age of 15 are white.

White people are breeding about the same amount that they always have, yes slightly less. This is an invasion, plain and simple. There is no way whites can keep up with shithole birth rates.

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Remember to vote these invaders into political power in Boomer/GenX-controlled suburbs before you expat to a cheaper foreign shithole. It will make for great justice and comedy later :clown_face:

The Kalergi Plan is just a conspiracy theory goy, don’t be antisemitic!

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The replacement is real. Wahmens encouraged to forgo childbirth in the name of a ‘career’. Childcare and healthcare expenses for people who actually work for a living. And then there is the constant ‘white people bad’ media, telling whites they are guilty and shouldn’t reproduce with their own kind. Mostly, the destruction of the Nuclear Family is the culprit.

This failed to mention the impact of higher education. So many people in the middle class were brainwashed into going to college and procure massive amounts of debt. As a result many people in the middle class have put having children or simply forgo having children at all.

What you are saying is basically the root to most of this problem. While there may be other factors, economic factors appears to be the most dominant reason for low birth rates! Also contributing factor why kids are growing up to be terrible people because both parents are not there for them when they need to be because they are too busy having to work to pay off debt!

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This week I just had my second child both are white and we are going to have at least two more. There is a channel on YouTube called (The way of the world) on my current device I cannot post a link but the most recent video is pointing out propaganda about how having children messes up your life. A blonde haired lesbians that hosts a chat show was showing videos of children doing naughty things and all of the kids in the videos were white and thier was 12 video Hollywood did not do this accidentally

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Just delete your post.


Clearly out of touch with reality.

But we have all come to expect it from your idiot posts.