Why the Ruling 'Elite' Is Anti-American

Pretty good summing up:

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Who’s the ruling elite???

Is Joe Biden president? There is a deep state

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Certainly not us.

Is this at least 20 characters yet. Good grief, this is ridiculous.

Watch the video the dude explains it.

LOL, yes I know that’s crazy.

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Right, but he left a few people out of the “ruling elite”….image

The ruling elite are a disgrace. They are a group of greedy, selfish and uncaring individuals who want only to exploit the earth, its people and natural resources. As long as the money is flowing into the pockets of the elite, this planet is doomed.

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They show no compassion for humanity. What they care for is their wealth and power. We are living through the early stages of a political revolution. People are finally waking up. The only good thing that the elite are doing is creating chaos. People are fighting back and they beginning to show no fear of the government. This is a good thing.


Who are the “rulers”……

Folks have been woke for some time now….

“Fake Woke”… Tom McDonald.