Why Socialism and Communism Are the Same

If you claim you are a progressive, you are a Marxist
If you claim you are a socialist. you are a Marxist
If you claim you are a Democratic Socialist you are a Marxist
If you believe in Globalism you are a Marxist
If you believe in Multi-multiculturalism You are a Marxist
If you are anti Free Market Capitalism you are a Marxist
If you believe in Free healthcare for all you are a Marxist
If you believe in infanticide you are a Marxist
If you believe in Free College Education for all you are a Marxist
If you believe in open borders Nation states you are a Marxist
If you are against Nationalism you are a Marxist
If you support collectivism you are a Marxist
If you are against Individual liberty and personal accountability, you are a Marxist!


Purists can make a distinction. But it would be the proverbial distinction without a difference… or possibly the same thing but at different phases.

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The only difference between Socialism & Communism is the AK 47 pointed at your head. Vietnamese Immigrant.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when someone is in a cesspool and demanding I join them I don’t fuss about or make excuses over how deep the cesspool is where they are, they’re standing in crap!

Devils Work & Globalist enemy of America. Its time we Eviscerate this evil off the face of earth.
Starts with taking back Virginia with huge show of force January 20.
Sending the Klansman Ralph Northam a clear message, Virginia will always be 2A Godspeed

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I don’t know what will happen on 20 January. I hope there is an enormous, peaceful demonstration. I know the Left will be gleeful as hell if there is some sort of armed clash with the police, and if they can, they will instigate it. So watch out for provocateurs and infiltrators. This tactic is as old as the hills.

Where the massive turnout really needs to be is next November. This man, and his party, must be voted out of office.

Virginia patriots should start thinking about how they lost this state and what they need to do to take it back. Perhaps this new law will mobilze people who stayed at home last time.

You won’t win back by bullets, what you have lost by ballots. Anyone in the US who says differently is working for the enemy, perhaps without realizing it.


Things are going to get really, really heated very soon, and it is going to culminate in 2020 with the added attention that normies give to the election season… There are going to be more opportunities than ever before in all of history probably to red-pill the average normie.


Hopefully, the red-pilling can happen in time to allow them to regiser to vote. A very high percentage of young people who COULD vote, don’t bother to register, or don’t bother to vote if they are registered.

But what then … regardless of who wins the election. It’s not going to stop there, I think. Even if Trump wins … they’ll be back.

They differ only in textbooks. In practice they are indistinguishable and both will eventually become dictatorships as it’s unavoidable.

The problem is that “young people” come out of public schools and universities having been indoctrinated to become good little socialists and communists for well over a decade.

On average it isn’t until they’ve been in the workforce for another decade plus before they tend to have the wisdom to cast an intelligent vote.

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How many “young people” have you actually met that have come out of a school or university indoctrinated to become socialists and communists? I would be interested to know how much time you have personally spent with these young socialists and communists.

Are you now going to tell us that in addition to the myriad of jobs you have or have had college professor and school teacher is to be added?

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On that I heartily agree…:+1:

Do you think its possible to want a society that embraces one or two of those ideas without being a marxist?

Capitalism is the best system we have. It is not perfect and has many flaws but so far its the best we have but is ensuring those in our society have access to a free decent basic education and access to health care that will not result in a medical bankruptcy or prescriptions that do not mean someone has to choose between paying their mortgage or maintaining their health marxism?

We can create a system that sits somewhere in the middle.

IMO, that’s what we have. An economic system that’s based on capitalism with the constant tug of war that tries to maintain a balance between incentive for people to produce wealth while regulation that protects consumers. And then the socialized aspect of government which is financed by the collective for the common good. We are not the dirt road fledgling that we started out as and the services and infrastructure that government provides has evolved over time according to public demand.

One doesn’t need to meet and spend time with young college graduates to see and understand what they say and do. Discerning that they have been indoctrinated with socialist dogma can be accomplished by reading of their behavior.

It is common knowledge that liberal universities are puppy mills for delusional collectivists.

I seek to meet as few of them as possible, but realize all too well that they are being indoctrinated incessantly.

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You have no direct knowledge and no desire to meet the people you are being critical of yet you are confident you know exactly how they think and act!

Personal experience aside all one need do is look at polling data on social and political issues for the 18-35 demographic to see that it is true.

Everyone in the US has had access to a free basic education for more than a hundred years.

Everyone in the US has had access to free healthcare through their local ER for over forty years since the passage of the EMTLA.

Prior to EMTLA passing they had access through the nations thousands of charity hospitals and local clinics.

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And should doctors work for free?

Should hospitals provide sevens for feee?

Should educators world for minimum wage?

Should a college education for the entire population be for free? Who determines who should go to college? 80 year old wants a masters shouldn’t be deprived of the free education.

Who should collect trash and who should be a scientist?

Should the scientists that develop drugs work for free?

Should the distributions of drugs be for free?

Should people be able to eat as much and as often as thy want?

Should society subsidize the poor choices of people?

As water is a requirement of life shouldn’t;t it be given for fee?

Electricity and heat are requirements of life, shouldn’t they be given for free?

Exactly where do you draw the line and who pays for the Free you advocate???

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Exactly! I learn from studying them from afar. They think and act like indoctrinated children who know no better than to act as they do. They were trained by liberal professionals to reject any ideas that counter what they were taught.

They are useful idiots.

Who the hell wants to meet idiots in person other than another idiot.

That ^^^ is a rhetorical question.