Why Progressives Are Obessed with "No Nut November"

Interesting commentary by PJW on internet Porn addiction.


You’re going to have to be multiple sorts of deranged, crazy, and mentally ill to call someone who decided to hold off jerking off a White Supremacist. They’re hearing Dog Whistles that nobody is blowing.

NNN is - take control of yourself, demonstrate to yourself that you can do it, get some practice in self-discipline.

Which is really saying a lot about the people on the left who object to this idea. Is it no wonder that they advocate in the needy department of being taken care of?

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If you don’t jerk off in November you’re literally Hitler. The media 2019.

I didn’t even know this was a thing. Kinda gross tbqh.

Does having sex with real women count?


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This reminds me of those Warning Signs of Fascism; i.e., moral and honorable behavior, physical fitness, self discipline, reading the classics, etc.

No fap is really important.

It’s amazing the difference in your body when you fap as opposed to having sex with a woman. Totally different after effect on the body, mood and temperament.

Joe NPC Normie: “I’m totally addicted to porn and it’s ruining my life. I’m going to quit. Wonder if there’s anything online… Hmm, nofap.com? Looks interesting. Wow–what a great support group! Just what I needed! Look at all these guys in the same situation who have turned their lives around through this site… Hey, wait a minute…why are they being sued by all these porn companies? Hey, wait a minute…why is Rolling Stone saying we’re evil for wanting to ditch this dysfunctional sex addition? Hey, wait a minute…I’m starting to see some (((patterns))) here…”

If I had to pick one item that has been the most destructive weapon introduced by the (((tribe))) I would have to say porn.

Without porn young men would be in healthy relationships and spend time chasing girls and building their lives to have families.

Instead they are hunched over a computer cucking and growing sterile.


That might make you “Master of Your Domain.”

I would want TV and the Internet (as we know it) to be on that list somewhere.

I think you nailed that one…

That’s a meme. Porn is bad, but removing it won’t fix relationships, removing women’s rights will.

Without removing female privileges men just can’t have a happy relationship, porn or not.

I am fully anti-porn due to health concerns, but the people who think porn is what is causing the death of families are mistaken, it’s all about female empowerment.


“But if it is hahd, yo ah probably fapping” - JFK

Porn is something that used to be the secret of a third f men, something one got rid of if one found a real woman who wanted to have sex.

It is demeaning to women- no way around that, and it works Maslow’s second block of the pyramid, making it a very powerful lure. The point in the meme about dopamine receptors is very interesting, as the same thing happens with drugs.

I’m reminded of one of Dennis Miller’s rants in the 90’s about technology, and porn in virtual reality - “When an unemployed steelworker can sit in his Barcalounger and fuck Caudia Schiffer for 10 bucks it’ll make crack look like Sanka”

Any movement to reduce the amount of fapping by our young men is worthwhile; claiming it’s somehow White Nationalist is asinine.