Why is Wyoming top FBI agent openly gay?

No wonder this has been a complete fcuk up!

This has less to do with the guy being gay and more to do with the entire story being pushed hard to distract the American people from actual things that negatively impact them and the country.

Not if he got the position because he’s openly a pickle smoocher, with their woke hiring process.

He looked like we was dying to come out in drag and start sucking off the mic

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FBI clearly fucked up and now there’s a black woman leading the arrest of the mom and dad. Lol

I couldn’t find any indication that Jones was homosexual. His manner wasn’t exactly Clint Eastwood masculinity, but I saw on indication that he has ever been to a gay church.
(You know, where half the congregation kneels.)

Titt’s is homophobic and really the guys sexuality is IRRELEVANT…….

Publicity stunt gone bad

My top federal law-enforcement agency my intelligence agency are openly hiring people based off of their sexuality and skin color, I’m definitely not the one making issue out of it they are. I would rather top qualified Americans in these positions

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Just another typical worthless bigoted thread…

Straight men didn’t come out with a anti gay commercial, gay racist fbi/cia came out with a anti straight white commercial. Don’t want the heat stay out the kitchen