Why Is Anyone Stuck Paying for This?


Now per CNN this morning, a number of states, including Pennsylvania, were among those involved in a suit to keep Odummer Care free contraception coverage at 100% mandate.

Those states won, and insurance must still pay 100% for that nonsense. Those states not involved in the lawsuit are exempt and religious based and other organizations who simply don’t want to cover that nonsense are exempt.

My question is why cover birth control at all? What is it feminists want the rest of us to believe—that women are on a par with men, or that we’re on a rock bottom low level and can’t or won’t pay for our own birth control?

Good on the ruling exempting those states. Let those who want to pay for what isn’t that costly pay for it. Many of their residents voted Obozo, with his plan to change the U S health system, into office in the first place.


This is what happens when you allow the destruction of the traditional family through contraception, abortion, no-fault divorce, pornography, etc.






Maybe because abortion is the number one killer in the USA , . 1,500,000 to 2,000,000 babies are aborted annually. 98% of abortions are for reasons other than rape, incest, or the health of the mom . . Some women have had more than one abortion in their lifetime .


That’s what I don’t get. They can afford the abortion, but not the contraceptive?

I must have missed that math class.

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The individual mandate is dead. This is the ACA in a death spiral.

From my foxhole, widespread and effective contraception/abortion decoupled the link between sex and reproduction. The aftershocks of that revolution are still pulsing through the West, with dire consequences.

On the horizon are sexbots which will up the ante bigly, severing sex from humanity. Nail in coffin. Only two ways to stop it: ban sexbots, or make american women thin and feminine again.

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Welcome to liberal logic ! Similar to their objections to voter ID , those poor folk can’t get ID BUT can purchase beer , cigarettes , lighters , applying for food stamps , applying for welfare , applying for SS , renting a home , driving a car , getting on an airplane , getting married , getting a hunting licenses , renting a hotel room , buying a cell phone , picking up a prescription , donating blood , and about 30 other things .

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That last graph seems counterintuitive. One would think that with the advent of oral contraceptives, that the illegitimate birth rate would go down. That contradiction implies a serious degradation of morals.

Particularly since contraception is readily available for free.

Er, we aren’t talking about people who weigh the cost/benefit analysis of unprotected sex.