Why I Voted Trump: A Coming Out Story

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Sounds familiar? The exception being “violence” is in words only.
I never met Dr M but just reading his posts will certainly make me vote Dem.
His reaction to this post will prove my point. Wait and see.

Over all, it isn’t over yet. The Dems have a massive rigging apparatus in place.

Just to quote Jim Stone:
** voter intimidation at the polls*

** carefully timed fake news*

** Inserting a virus into voter machine software*

** vote harvesting like what is being currently done by Ilhan Omar in Minnesota*

** Vote reminders sent exclusively to Democrats by Facebook, Google and other social media*

** Merging likely Republican name/addresses into the computer database at certain Postal Sorting centers to separate out selected mail-in ballots for disposal.*

So if the Democrats piecemeal enough tricks together to win then they take control of America and they receive a “get-out-of-jail-free” card. They mean business!

Time to put this shit on ignore AGAIN!


That’s the problem with America today.
People don’t want to know what is really the problem.

Oh please! Just go away and stop trolling! No body cares about your stupid asinine theories.

Your religion seems to consist of three sources to which you want to propagandise and troll every thread with!

Jim Stone
David Ickes
Mike Adams

Blah blah, blah

Usually you are the problem.

Capital idea

Again he is derailing the thread and seeking attention

@Patriot @Tyfoon

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Back to the thread topic:

You have proven my point.

Look at America today.
You think it’s because of coincidences?

Stop derailing this thread you fucking retarded asswipe!

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Be nice to @TrumpTrain2

He means well.

He’s talking to YOU you fucking stretched out anus.

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