Why Hollywood, and its Propaganda Are Becoming Unwatchable!

After watching HBO’s anticipated series “Watchman” it was hard to sit through what was blatantly obvious of social justice warrior narratives inserted in to the story line. Narratives of White supremacy and Black super heroes going after white people for being racist and white. Predictable and is a far departure on what the original story of Watchmen is suppose to be about. From the opening sequence the stereotypes are clearly visible which was disappointing because I am a big fan of Alan Moore and his writing creation of the original story that was based on one of the most successful comic series ever created. The HBO series pretty much butchers the brand by trying to pass it off as something being mere entertainment, which is nothing more than propaganda to further a leftist narrative against Trump and his supporters with the characters they created. For example, ROBERT REDFORD plays himself as being the current president, who represents the red scourge that leftist suffering from TDS are against. In this case Redford’s character is a fictional character that represents Trump and his policies. Then take in the optics of a school in which a children’s classroom is predominantly filled with black kids and less white ones, black parents having white kids and driving around in electric vehicles then its fairly obvious what the creators of the show are trying to reach for. Also we won’t mention the opening scene begins in Oklahoma where coincidentally is the site of a Cop who killed a black person that has been in past controversial news stories.

For the most part this show was garbage, and with Don Johnson (Miami Vice) playing a Sheriff who panders to the play “Black Oklahoma” the show starts to lose its appeal about 20 minutes in. Don’t take my word for it, if you haven’t seen it yet, have a look for yourself and share what you think here.

Out of curiosity I went to search for reviews online to see if there were any negative write ups about the show, and of course all I found were the usual pundits trying to castigate the shows detractors as being “alt right”, or “Right Wing Trolls” who rail against the shows virtues but in reality they are part of the contrived leftist talking points designed to discredit any honest objective analysis with dissenting views to distract from the fact of their obvious bias to which they further promote BS sellouts. One hand washes the other in a matter of speaking.

Here are some links to the reviews, which is further confirmation of the contrived narratives that Leftist love to send out there to the masses. Propaganda!

Even though the show sucks for the obvious reasons I just laid out, I still recommend it for the simple exercise of seeing for yourself the blatant propaganda that such media producers are reducing themselves to now and why Hollywood is becoming unwatchable. It is mere propaganda to driving the narrative of cultural reappropriation.

For bonus, this is the garbage that leftist are now producing, and targeting children is child abuse. I posted this here because is follows along the same theme as the HBO series of leftist propaganda that is now using children to promote such hateful garbage!

The perversion in film, advertising, etc. is as obvious as being hit by lightning. It boils down to, how can we insult the intelligence of Americans today? To do the above to innocent children is an unforgivable crime. Liberals have no shame, and certainly no honor. They would see this wholesome country turned into a depraved wasteland, inhabited by sub humans. The very worst of runway welfarist hedonism. To steal a childs innocence is a crime even God cannot & will not forgive.


People are tired of every new show that comes out being turned into some left-wing multicultural garbage just to check a diversity box. It’s like the HR department got put in charge of casting and production.



That Rubicon was crossed years ago.


And then one day, for no reason at all, people voted Hitler into power.

It was a conditioning processes that took years to subvert and brainwash the masses into a certain school of thought. Joseph Stalin once said if one could control Hollywood that they would also control the world!

Of course! But just remember, just any muscle in the human body, the brain can be conditioned to be a certain way. Orwell warned us, and many others that followed also warned us, now here we are!

We are a media culture. The indoctrination started in the 1960’s and slowly continued as a predator to prey on minds with each generation following introducing more and more degeneracy that was bolder than the last! Now it has come to this! Ideological subversion!