Why glocks suck. Mike Adams

More on their history

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Again, what is your interest in guns? If you can’t own and operate one let along not having regular experience in handling firearms why are you posting this?

Second, he is comparing a “Glock” Hybrid to a Sig and over generalizing when making such comparisons. The are many generations of Glock and are considered by many as one of the most reliable hand guns ever made. Seeing you have no experience with Guns, you posting this is very revealing that you simply are trusting one persons opinion and you have no idea what you are talking about. Opinions are like ******* and everyone has one as the saying goes, yours however means absolutely zero when talking about this subject matter.

Triggered again eh.

You missed the whole point, Dr Nose-it-all, and shot yourself in the foot.
Mike Adams is talking about what happens to the mag if you carry a glock for a long time.

You really do invent a new kind of stupid with your arguments here don’t you. I am glad others see that too. What part of hybrid do you not understand? The Gun featured in the video you provided is p80 polymer that is available with many versions of customization through mail order, which if you watched the videos I provided in rebuttal you would know that. The mag he talks about is also available in a variety of designs according to materials and manufacturers, and not OEM. He is only featuring one version that is not OEM, hardly an indictment to which your OP is claiming to be. Again, you should stick to subjects that you actually know something about instead of pretending to know what you are talking about, because you make yourself look dumber with each post, something most here know about too!