Why Don't We Murder More White People?

Non-whites at this point are being brazen. They know they can get away with this shit without worry (despite the fact that we’re constantly hearing about white supremacy lurking around every corner).



Agree and amplify. Promote this asshole. If this shit doesn’t wake up normies I dont know what will.

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■■■■■■ Looks like Talcum X has some competition.

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That is a fedpost. They want people promoting it and talking about it so that way fedposters can fedpost some more.

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I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard the same thing. They never wake up. White babies get burned alive because they are white and NOTHING.

They. Never. Wake. Up.

We all died in 2012 so none of this really matters anyway.

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This black/hispanic mischling looking ■■■■■■ was financed by a ■■■■■■■■■■ foundation, which wants to empower…blacks and hispanics…how original.

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What happens when we run out of logical - rational thinkers; when those who create, those who lift us from the slime, are no longer? I got it, another Stone Age.


I am not standing in judgement of anyone. The surgeon who saved my wife’s life was a little black guy from Ghana. The man is a genius. So many brilliant men have humble beginnings.


What does that have to do with minorities and ■■■■ gathering together demanding to murder more white people?


How are ■■■■ murdering white people???

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Set theory issues.

Draw a big circle, now draw a small circle in the big one. Most people wouldn’t say the small circle was representing the whole big circle.

Yet here we’ve an assertion that money is spent for a certain purpose, which would be spent by a few, but it’s the whole that’s being called for it.


This thread is one year old. When I first saw it, I thought nothing of it because there’s plenty of sensationalism here on PB.

However, given what has transpired in America and Europe since the beginning of this year, the conversation seems pertinent because what BLM really means is “Non-black lives don’t matter.”

Black lives don’t matter to BLM, either. Just the ones that can be exploited to further the narrative.

Yes, that’s just a narrative.
And mainstream repeats such narratives and people on the street begin to believe them.

Does anyone have any idea what the content actually is? Is it a hook to get people to read something actually intelligent or is it actually about “killing more white people”? Seriously: do any of the people commenting know any specifics? - I agree it’s easy to dismiss immediately but did anyone check it out?

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“Killing white people” certainly is an agenda — for hundreds of years.
Because whites in recent history are the most awake and most knowledgeable about what’s really taking place. And most critical and analytical.

Non-whites, meaning those folks who live in the poor parts of Asia and Africa on the other hand, are too busy surviving by trying to make ends meet.

The Japanese, as an example, need not be killed at this point because they are dumb enough to believe everything they hear and read on mass media, thus very useful.

Speaking of conent…trannies on twitter are threatening to hang themselves because somebody drew an anime girl with huge tits.

This has been your daily clown world update.

Spoiler alert - infinite trannies could hang themselves and people would still keep drawing huge tiddy anime girls. Do you not know how the internet works?

I honestly don’t give rats arse about trannies.

Look at the “forecast” of US population.

From current 300 million plus to less than 100 million in a few years.
It means more than 200 million Americans will be put out of commission. And who are they? Whites, of course.

I posted a letter a friend in AZ received.
They’re offering free funeral! I don’t think it’s a hoax.

The Synagogue of Satan does not dirty its hands.
It uses proxies, as it has always done.

Can you imagine the Liberal response if the film were, Why Don’t We Murder More Black People. Nancy the hag would be in feeding frenzy. Remember when Trump said MS 13 were animals; and she twisted it into Trump calls Hispanics animals.

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