Why does Israel play such a prominent role in the US presidential elections?

Here is a brief video that explains why most all candidates for President express a partnership with Israel.

To answer your question: Why does Israel play such a prominent role in the US Presidential elections?

Because money talks.
■■■■ consist of 2% of the US population, so their physical votes are limited.
However, these 2% include media moguls who control the mainstream, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more.

Through these outlets they can control the minds of the sheep.

Not all ■■■■ are Zionists and supporters of this oppressive state, and yet they want it to exist. (Just in case.)

There are 10% ■■■■ in the senate and 6% in congress and have about 1/3 of the total wealth of the USA . A better question would be why the fuck do they vote democrat ??

Strategic Reasons for Continuing U.S. Support

There is a broad bipartisan consensus among policymakers that Israel has advanced U.S. interest in the Middle East and beyond.

Israel has successfully prevented victories by radical nationalist movements in Lebanon and Jordan, as well as in Palestine.

Israel has kept Syria, for many years an ally of the Soviet Union, in check.

Israel’s air force is predominant throughout the region.

Israel’s frequent wars have provided battlefield testing for American arms, often against Soviet weapons.

It has served as a conduit for U.S. arms to regimes and movements too unpopular in the United
States for openly granting direct military assistance, such as apartheid South Africa, the Islamic

Republic in Iran, the military junta in Guatemala, and the Nicaraguan Contras. Israeli military advisers have assisted the Contras, the Salvadoran junta, and foreign occupation forces in Namibia and Western Sahara.

Israel’s intelligence service has assisted the U.S. in intelligence gathering and covert operations.

Israel has missiles capable of reaching as far as the former Soviet Union, it possesses a nuclear arsenal of hundreds of weapons, and it has cooperated with the U.S. military-industrial complex with research and development for new jet fighters and anti-missile defense systems.

You got it backwards. The US has advanced Israel’s interest in the ME and beyond (meaning Muslim world).

So-called “radicals” were people chased out of their homes.

The Soviet Union no longer exists. Egypt and India were traditional allies of the Soviet Union.

At the expense of the US tax payers. A former US AF officer said, US planes were being shot down over Vietnam because the best equipment was shipped to Israel and not to the USAF fighting a war.

Israel is testing most inhumane weapons on Arab children.

Israel’s nuclear missiles are poised to attack any European capital and major city, if their leaders dare to ignore Israel’s blackmail.



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