Why do Americans choose personal property over personal liberty?

I live in Boston which has been absolutely destroyed by Democrats.
I work close to one of the largest United States postal locations in America.

I see the workers walk from their cars across a bridge to work, they are sheep, they have their head down, they walk in collect a check leave, go on vacation, enjoy their two days off and Benefits, and soon to come pension.

BUT: they ignore what’s coming with communism, their property won’t be theirs, education will mean nothing, rights are getting shredded. And they will be slaughtered if they dissent. Like all communist regimes do. Kill anyone that disagrees.

I just wish Americans will wake up and choose liberty and freedom over false security.

Wake up!

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This is worse than fake news…it’s a rant so a dictator like trumputin stays in the presidency…Boston is ONE THERE ARE MANY MORE… example of what republiCONS DO funnel all the money to the rich and the big corps…nothing else gets done Moscow mitch hasn’t passed anything for the country since he’s been there…yet TRILLIONS …TRILLIONS…TRILLIONS $$$$$$ HAVE GONE TO THE RICH. AND THE BIG CORPS…the retrumpliCON PARTY AKA THE REPUBICAN PARTY…is a failure in every. measurable way…red necks are the retrumpliCON party. the dumbest group of people in the world…

Hot air, why you Democrats can’t win elections

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Why are you retrumpliCONS such liars really really big dumb liars…cuz you lie about things everyone knows to be true…dumb and dumber was made to show what retrumpliCONS are all about…

You lost all the toss up seats lost the election.lol no one likes you loser ha

So people are sheep for going to work and earning a paycheck?

What a weird post.

Ignoring the destruction of the City their family built for a pay check is what’s wrong

What are you on about?

What don’t you understand

Dictator, such an interesting word which is used by some to vent their anger. The definition certainly doesn’t apply.

Amazing how you label people call them names and the expect them to converse with you.

Monte’s alter ego on mommys computer.

Do you want this to happen ?