Why Didn't You Stay in Mexico?

Diversity and inclusion meeting turns volatile at Michigan school.

While parent Adrian Iraola was in the middle of sharing a story about racism his children endured while attending Saline Area Schools, he was interrupted by another parent in the crowd, who asked “Why didn’t you stay in Mexico?” The district hosted the community conversation on diversity, equity and inclusion on Feb. 3 at Liberty School.

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It just takes one comment like that to disrupt everything.


And the answer is???

More than a comment, it’s a legitimate question. The reaction is priceless from the whites that have been conditioned to believe that all these poor minority victims must be sheltered and propped up on their shoulders to obtain success at the expense of their own kind. The best part was now that all the good white people are upset their big brown finger wagging enforcer steps in to intimidate the bad white man.

Never knew this was a thing

Every single one of these meetings should end like this. Every single conversation of this kind should turn into this.

Somehow I don’t believe that the :taco: kids are being bullied for being :taco:'s . Kids are complete dicks to each other even in the best schools. So :taco: kids go home and tell dad they are rayciss against me dad. Dad believes them and goes to the meeting and meets the one parent that asks the question that no one dares to ask.

That reaction makes me hope Coronavirus picks up some steam.

I don’t! As much as I want to be rid of these invaders at the Tax payers expense, the economic impact that this virus is having globally is astronomical. I can tell you first hand right now in real time on what it looks like!

I don’t know! A lemon?

Yeah - this guy is making this shit up. His kids are fully grown and yet decided to show up at a PTA meeting to bitch about evil white people. He’s got an agenda.

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Mexicans bitch about everything their Country is so corrupt and shitty yet they cry and whine continually .

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Yes and they love U.S. tourist dollars and foreign aid money.Anerica is a real bad country.

Imagine reversing this and having a White family in Mexico or any of the other shit holes, they brown parasite would laugh, laugh, laugh that you felt racism.

Why would any American retire to Mexico???

I don’t know but plenty of Americans do it. How is that related to this though?

Why don’t we overrun Mexico with us Gringos. They can tell us Why didn’t we stay in the U.S.

Ha! Unlike us they would actually enforce their immigration laws and throw us in prison…until they deported us.

That puts them ahead of us!!!

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They are way ahead of us. We even allow their citizens to send money back to their countries, from the US, without any sort of oversight or taxation.