Why did the sentiment change towards Trump

Only a a couple of years ago people on this website were negative towards Trump and positive towards Ron DeSantis in terms of who they wish to become president

Obviously DaSantis had a terrible presidential campaign Republic opinion had already changed negatively towards him in terms of becoming the next American president why is this?

DeSantis is/was a bit more “diplomatic/tactful” in how he speaks to people. Trump is a bull in a china shop.

I don’t hate DeSantis… I just don’t think he can be/do what he needs to be and do as POTUS… this time. It’s going to take a total dick like Trump to fix this shit. Diplomacy and tact won’t get it done. These mother f***ers running shit now need to be dealt with harshly. Trump is the guy for the job.

I know LouMan disagrees with me, and that’s cool. I do understand why he does. I would like someone else too, but there is just no one else to get the job done that needs done.


I was high on DeSantis until I discovered who his donors were. He had a terrible advisor and he should have waited until 2028 to run for president. Now? He should focus on governing his state. Not sure if he will ever be president after what we have learned about him.



Most of us wanted a YOUNG republican to run and one that wouldn’t go off the rails . He did a good job in Florida and could get a lot of the women’s vote Trump lost . But after Trump got so far in front in the lead it’s either back Trump or have 4 more years of genderbending , high taxes , too many regulations to count , dems dictating electric car , electric stoves , 25% inflation and graft up the kazoo !!!
And taking Trump off the ballots made people support him .


In a weird way Tàrump being cheated out of the last election may end up being a benefit for American politics basically even if some people do not acknowledge that Trump was cheated out of the last presidency at least now they’ve seen how bad the Democrats are currently running the country and maybe instead of eight years of Trump you’re now have 12 years in total

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Well any American with any morals would say the dems are trying to get any viable candidate OFF THE BALLOT and it shouldn’t sit right with the voters .


Biden needs that hopeful spin to become reality, since up until this point in the 2024 campaign he has persistently lagged Trump among the bloc that decides most presidential races: independents. Trump squeaked out a 43–42 percent victory over Hillary Clinton among independents and third-party voters in November 2016, after which his approval rate from the group stayed mired in the 30s for most of his presidency, culminating in a 52-43 percent loss to Biden in 2020. But within his first six months in the White House, Biden’s support among independents crashed from 61 percent to 34 percent, where it has been languishing ever since.

In our two-party system, independents tend to serve as an electoral brake on the excesses of the party or executive in power; incumbents get the focus more than potential general-election challengers. Now that Trump has progressed to near-inevitability, the Biden theory goes, independents will start paying far more attention to the Republican, particularly his potentially opinion-swaying criminal trials.

Some of Tuesday’s exit poll numbers coming out of New Hampshire buttress that theory. “We’ve never seen a gap between the independent vote and the Republican vote in an NH GOP primary like we saw last night,” MSNBC numbers whiz Steve Kornacki tweeted Wednesday morning. Trump beat Nikki Haley 74 percent to 25 percent among Republicans, but Haley took independents 60 percent to 38 percent. And among the independent voters who participated in the GOP primary, noted The Wall Street Journal, a whopping 68 percent said they would not for Trump in the general election.

Luckily for Trump, the GOP nomination is decided by electorates that are a good deal more Republican than New Hampshire’s. Unluckily for the presumptive nominee, his one-man polarization act is registering numerically even within the party he dominates. Exit polls showed 21 percent of Republican voters in the New Hampshire primary, and 15 percent of GOP Iowa caucus participants, saying they would not vote for Trump in November. Maybe those numbers reflect heat-of-the-moment sentiment, but it’s hard to imagine them improving if the candidate is convicted of a January 6, 2021–related crime.

Meanwhile, registered independents, having grown by 46 percent nationwide since 2008, are now nearly as numerous as Republicans, with 35.3 million compared to 35.7 million as of last October. This swing vote, which has been the most revolted by the prospect of a Trump-Biden rematch, will be serially wooed and cajoled over the next 41 weeks.

The candidate best positioned to exploit the growth in both independents and political disillusionment is neither Biden nor Trump, but rather Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In a three-way matchup, according to RealClearPoliticspolling average, RFK stands at a Ross Perot–like 19.3 percent, compared to 37.5 for Trump and 33.8 for Biden.

Trump rages at ‘foolish’ GOP candidate who lost race for Santos’s New York House seat

Former President Trump lashed out Tuesday night after Democrats were projected to flip the New York House seat formerly held by disgraced ex-Rep. George Santos (R).

Trump in a Truth Social post branded the Republican candidate in the special election in New York’s 3rd Congressional District a “very foolish woman,” chiding her for distancing herself from the former president.

Yep, the goal to split the party continues.