Why CNN, Mainstream & Social Media is Hemorrhaging Credibility!

In light of the recent revelations of ABC news inserting fake footage that created a false narrative (surprise surprise) its important to note that as long as there are viewers who lap up like cats a dish of milk what the MSM sells them, then their very existence will continue despite the ratings plunge of most legacy media outlets. Project Veritas latest installment of expose of the Network and its leading executive obsession of attacking President Trump is just one small nail in the coffin of the network’s credibility that currently lays in tatters. As such, when the ratings continue to plunge rendering such Networks to the proverbial trash heap with all the other tabloid deaths, the void is soon filled by another as well as taking this as a warning that the tech companies will get more aggressive in their blatant censorship of social media users who seek an alternative source to be informed to learn what the truth is.

BPS’s latest video is a well articulated segment that hits home the very points I am trying to articulate and for most of us who have known this reality for some time, the video is worth the watch to drive home this point and reinforce our resolve not to trust MSM. Ever!


Good commentary. But of course we all know that CNN’s problems aren’t driven by “ratings”, but hatred of Trump, everything he stands for, and everyone who votes for him. Otherwise, why would CNN keep doubling down while losing ratings?

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John, CNN’s audience do not like Trump…:man_shrugging: