‘Why Are They Always So Loyal?’ Trump Was Convinced That Dems Would Cave

In the Talking Points Memo article linked below, regarding Trump’s bewilderment that the Dems maintain “loyalty”, he also complains that Ryan screwed him by not passing a wall bill during the past 2 years. This really hits me - and I’ll just ask the group: a) why the hell did Congress not give him a wall bill to sign over the past 2 years, and b) why the hell is this not a major news story - that he is now shutting down the government to get his wall when he could/should have settled this in the first 6 months or year of his Presidency. Is there any good reason why this issue is not getting discussed and basically thrown back at him and the GOP?


You’re mistaken in believing that Ryan’s GOP House actually supported Trump.

It’s like abortion.

The carrot has to perpetually be kept out of the horse’s mouth; it’s only worth a fight when a loss is certain.

Without a major trade a bill would not have made it through the Senate. One such did, but it had DACA guarantees and Trump could not go against his base (i.e. Limbaugh). Now that courts have repeatedly denied Trump’s effort to cancel DACA that bargaining chip is gone, so he has nothing to offer Dems. They could stand firm.

Trump is truly clueless. Doesn’t understand the Democratic Party, doesn’t understand the GOP, doesn’t understand DC. Feckless.

I think that some “show” funding could have been done in the last 2 years. Would have been portrayed as some sort of “start” or “pilot”. They needed some Dem votes and would have had to agree to concessions to get them. As others, maybe DACA relief, or some other big concession. The appropriators are in the business of making trade offs. I suspect they did not do so because the wall was far less important than their other priorities, because it was stupid. I don’t think it competed well with the other things they wanted.

I think it would have come through like some weapons systems from some rep’s or Senator’s district/state. Marginally more of the weapons have declining benefit, but the others can be talked into backing a marginal benefit in return for something that they want whose benefit is also on the cusp.

What is this supposed to be? A bunch of libs pretending nobody knows it would have taken sixty votes in the senate to get the wall funded?


Probably the same ones who whine about why the republicans didn’t do anything about --insert topic here-- when they had the House, Senate and Presidency while trying to hold the curtain covering that same observation in regards to 60 votes in the Senate.

Amazing they think everyone is too stupid to know the difference between a majority and a super-majority.

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Look at the source! “TPM” = “Typical Propaganda Moos”

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Right. As soon as I saw “Talking Points Memo” I knew this thread wasn’t worthy of a response.

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To answer the title of the thread, not the trojan horse OP content…

Libs have zero morals, they want a world with no morals or limits, so they do anything that shifts anything that direction. Ask a Progressive what they are progressing toward, they can’t answer.


Paul Ryan’s House even passed a bill to at least partially fund a border wall. It’s why there was constant prodding from Trump to use the nuclear option in the senate to pass the bill. That they refused to is a decent sign that the senate wasn’t wanting to risk even doing a symbolic vote on the subject even though they did a couple just recently.

But really it’s a ridiculous idea to pretend the Republicans were even on Trump’s side, you have to have a very short term memory in order to forget all the instances of the GOP working against Trump.

I believe it is those who continue to underestimate Trump that are clueless. :wink:

I’ve found people that use such a source is Mad as Hack. :wink:


What is easier to do?

Convince 5 dem senators to cross the isle to support the wall or get 60 house Dem to cross the isle?

Does anyone know what Trump’s wall plan really is?

Since you asked the question why don’t you research it and get back to us.

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As you know for our other discussion, I can’t find it anywhere.

Well, then you probably should move to a topic you are more well versed on.

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