Who's DEM choice for 2024?

Biden is being dumped by Dems. Is Newsom their choice?
Ukraine, downfall of US / British Empire, and 2024 preferences.

(Gonzalo Lira is originally from Chile, currently in Kharkov, forbidden to leave the city by the Ukrainian authorities)

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Newson, or Michelle Obama. Both will be pushed in to the White House. Ushered By the media.

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The Dems will chose Trump as even Biden can beat him. The Dem choice will not matter.

I always thought Clayton was a RINO

I can see Newsome being the one. I doubt Michelle could win… too many people dislike her, just like Hilary.

She will play to the white guilt libs and the suburban moms desperate to prove they aren’t Racist

Probably, but I still don’t see her being the nominee… or winning if she is.

I think she does better than b Obama … I pray she doesn’t run

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I think the country as a whole has had enough of this new Democratic party running things. The Left will lose in 24’, barring some intelligent, reasonable Democrat (???) as the nominee.

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Republicans cannot accept a debate with a main stream moderator. They are left wing loons.

It’s time democrats get a taste of their own medicine, Hannity or tucker should moderate the debates going forward

I wouldn’t even want to Brett bier to moderate a debate

I don’t think the GOP will accept a debate scenario that has any right or left wing “news” channel moderators this time around… nor should they.

There is no moderate moderator … it’s time Democrats get a taste of their own medicine and stand in the fire TV questions from Sean Hannity or tucker Carlson

At some point, the Right will have to counter w/some authoritarianism of its own; you don’t vote your way out of totalitarianism. But Anglo-Protestantism is naturally anti-tyrannical, so this authoritarian period won’t last long.

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It’s early, but I would bet a little on Kamala. I expect that Biden will find a reason to not run. The Dems will find it very difficult to throw Kamala overboard. Number 1, she’s VP. Number 2, she has all of the “diversity” qualifications. Number 3, they are confident (with good reason) that they can now run a totally brain-dead incompetent and beat anyone the GOP puts up. They’ve got the system locked up.