Wholesale prices rose 0.4% in September, more than expected as inflation persists

With Wholesale prices rising at 0.4% for the month of September, its pretty much keeping the PPI index floating hot which is worth monitoring as we wind down the last quarter of 2022. Especially as we head into the Holiday season starting next month, the bigger indicators will be of course retail purchases and whether or not the tightening of the belt will have severe effects on consumer spending. Why this is important is because usually the months between Mid-October to the Beginning of January is where retailers make their most revenue with consumer spending. The other aspect is market volume also begins to get lighter due to the closing of books by years end by Market traders for tax write off purposes and capital gains avoidance and not wanting to keep certain trades open going into the new year!

With inflation reaching record highs this year, the price index increase is worrisome because there is no way to tell where things are going and if they continue their trajectory as supply chains continue to suffer forcing manufacturers and Producers to charge more for things like Food, goods and services then things will continue to get worse for the regular average Joe trying to buy the more modest things at the grocery stores.

Stay tuned, this could get a lot more rocky after the mid-terms


Inflation is getting worse every day. The cost of living is rising, and wages are not keeping up. This is causing normal hard-working people to go into debt just to pay for basic necessities. It’s bullshit. The retards in the Biden Administration need to take action to get inflation under control. If they don’t, the economy will collapse and we will all be screwed.

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Have the pundits come out on CNBC to tell us how higher inflation is actually good for us and the country?

They won’t start saying that until the food shortages hit. It will probably go something like:

“Inflation is helping to cut the obesity epidemic in America by pricing most Americans out of a steady source of food. Joe Biden has made America healthier and lowered medical expense by allowing the economy to course correct.”

Expect lettuce and tomatoes to get nosebleed expensive here in the next few months. They are claiming it was because of a drought in California but I think there is more to it than that. Hopefully everyone stocked up and grew their vegetables this summer. It’s gonna get painful.

There is definitely a drought in California, and for the most part most of the South West that share water rights of the Colorado River. I did a post on the issue of Lake Mead water level being drastically reduced a few weeks ago and the hardest hit is agriculture industry in Arizona. Why this is important, as this issue continues to persist means it will affect migration to other states in the next 10 years which essentially will also mean driving up the cost of living in those states receiving the new influx of new settlers coming from places like California, Arizona, and Nevada as water resources start drying up. The sad part about this issues the dumb ass leftist will continue blaming it on climate change to further the stupid political agenda instead of actually solving the water issue affecting those states.

This is a very telling commentary of various average run of the mill “Moms” complaining about the rising costs of goods. This shit is real!

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A tale of 2 reciepts:
December 2020, large eggs: $1.79
October 2022, large eggs: $7.29

Food shortages are going to be everywhere

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Are we in a recession yet? What do you think?