Who will democrats blame when Trump wins again in 2020?

My money’s on the fact, the Democrats will blame China.

“In exchange for China “meddling” in the 2016 Election, and Trump imposed tariffs on them. They will use this excuse during the 2020 Re-election of Trump.”

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Who cares? The only country that Trump is looking out for is Israel. Trump doesn’t give a shit about the United States or its people. He only cares about making money for himself and his friends. He will spend the rest of his days enjoying secret service protection details while he stuffs his face with fast food at his low quality golf resorts.

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I don’t know if they will blame China or not. When Obama was president the Chinese did all sorts of stuff that should have got them in hot water with the Democrats and for whatever reason they never said a word.

So, they will continue to blame Trump with Russia? Lol
(That’s getting quite antiquated…as if they haven’t already beaten that dead horse over and over for the past 4 years now. Lol)

Stupid shit indeed ! Which dem cares about the USA ? Open borders , gun control , taxes , regulations , homeless illegals , unaffordable healthcare with $8000 deducible , full term abortions , reparations , weaponizing IRS, FBI , CIA , and DOJ . SMH :astonished:

Obama apparently didn’t care about the United States or its people either. How about when Lois Lerner’s mistreatment of conservative political groups during the 2010 and 2011. She pleaded the fifth - because she didn’t want to perjure herself. So, that tells me that she “admitted” her wrongdoing. She just didn’t want to say to before the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in 2014, that would obviously incriminate her.

How about when former AG Eric Holder - (again they were both under Obama’s Administration) - The Fast & Furious Scandal?

They will blame our goverment…for failure to do it’s job to arrest Trump on grounds of treason.

Allowing Trump to get away with it.

And let Obama get away with it also - when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and the Benghazi scandal (9/11/2012).

You have to mean Hillary , Comey ,Rice, Holder , Page ,Strzok , McCabe , Lynch and OBAMA !!!

I thought the republicans had 8 chances investigating that producing nothing…:wink:



The Dems aren’t smart enough to look at themselves to see that the SHAM hearings will doom them to loose House seats. They have proven to voters they are more interested in the Palace Coup and wasting money on it than passing legislation to have those millions go whete it’ll do good.
Hopefully the voters are able to see through these frauds and not reelect them.

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The house has passed a couple hundred bills that are setting on Mc Connell’s desk, but I’m not surprised that the right is unaware of this fact.

…having just retrieved them from John McCain’s desk ??

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It is common that the backlog of House bills stuck in the Senate numbers in the hundreds. It has been that way for several sessions of Congress no matter who controls the Senate. Do you remember dickhead Harry Reid?


Of course they’ll re-elect them…

Yes they will…they are useful idiots.

Im not disagreeing with that…

That makes both of you deaf, blind, useful idiots.

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No worries though, China declined…