Who was Richard Nixon?

Yeah sure Lol! There you go lying again! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anywaysss sorry for guy above me jealous rant lol

Who was this Mr Nixon guy? The most popular president of all time… Why was the fbi out to get him?

I read it in Dave Bergland’s book about the LP.

At one time, back in the late 80s, early 90s, the Libertarian Party had some very impressive candidates. Dr. Ron Paul, Andre Marrou, etc. These were amazing minds.
I’m thinking it was around maybe 2006 when liberal Republican also rans like Gary Johnson wound up on the LIbertarian ballot. At the same time, its open borders policy ran counter to the fact that 911 was caused by illegal aliens.
Today the Libertarian party is a joke, it’s a bunch of liberal stoners who may think they are ashamed of the actual “liberal” title.
But you’re right. The Libertarian Party is no longer the party of Ayn Rand or Ludwig Von Mises.

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You have zero room to talk, when it comes to educating oneself.
It’s not that you have views different from normal people. You really just don’t know anything. It’s like you stopped paying attention to history in the third grade.

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You might want to read some history. Nixon had the ability to make people want to get in fist fights even at the mention of his name. The guy grew up in a poor family in Whittier, CA. Clawed his way up the political ranks and wound up serving as Vice President to Ike. His anti-communism stance was probably the ONLY conservative part of him.
Some said that the mistakes he made in office, both as Vice President and his second term as president (where he was reelected in a landslide) come from his inferiority complex, his envy of the Kennedy Klan, the fact that John and Ted had everything handed to them by their rich bootlegger father, while he had to scratch and scrape just to afford a tie to wear.

Because he was everything elitist ignorant liberals hate, history will never reveal just how LIBERAL a president he was. Compared to NIxon, both Obama and Unelected Joe were practically Rush Limbaughs.

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Ok stupid lol :joy:… you educated :rofl::rofl:

Someone… anyone… define educated. I argue with Liberal assholes all the time about this. What the F***k is “uneducated”… or "educated’? I was told by a very wise man, back in the day (my grand father) “educatin starts when schooling ends”.

Nixon was going to expose who killed JFK.
The killers acted fast and got rid of him and his Vice.

We are not allowed to name the killers as Voltaire said:


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I knew those maggots had something to do with it .

That Oliver Stone flick tried to hint at some Nixon influence on JFK’s murder by Lee Harvey Oswald. And even that fell flat.

In some professions, a college degree is the ante to get into the game. It tells the company that you at least had the discipline to slog through a four year degree.
In college we were told that a bachelor’s degree means you don’t know how to do something but can learn. A master’s degree means you are expected to know what you’re doing.
On the other hand, there are those freaking morons who run up huge student loans for Sociology or Lesbian Dance Theory degrees and wonder why they can’t even get a job at McDonalds.
Your grandfather might have been on to something.

America was built by ppl that didn’t go to school, lol

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I didn’t watch the Oliver Stone movie, but the movie indicated (I understand) that the fatal bullet came from the front, and not from behind.

The real shooters were the limo driver (as per Bill Cooper) and the agent on the passenger seat.

That’s why Jacqueline tried to get away from them.

Cf. https://www.amazon.com/Final-Judgment-Missing-Assassination-Conspiracy/dp/0935036539

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I saw that also… looks like the driver turns and shoots.

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Oh, I remember all the conspiracy theories for the last almost sixty years. The grassy knoll, the CIA, etc. People still churn up that