Who thinks it's good for this forum for members to change other members posts

DR Manhattan has changed my headlines in my topics at least 60 times
is that what you want from a forum to have a member change what your
saying cuz he doesn’t like it…I know no other forum that would let that
happen…I have posted the above at other forums and no one can believe it
lots of negative comments about any forum allowing that to happen and every
one commented they would never belong to a forum that did that

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I think he deserves Medal of Honor

Doth the Lady Protests Much! No one Here cares for you DaJackass!

Killing his ancestors!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well so far it looks like trashing the forum is what you want IHAVE NOTHING TO LOSE’’'IT WILL BE FUN

You are the biggest fking retarded loser here and I hope you get banned! I know it and everybody else here knows it too. Why don’t you go to your little dark corner and start fisting yourself DAJERKOFF!

Bah, I hate when I click on a thread and it’s one from the resident idiot that I’ve ignored. Looking at the headline, it’s not a good idea to change posts unless they belong to you… though you’re on ignore for me so I’m not sure why people waste their time to actually change your shit.

I hear you started a new one the dr manhattans sheman circle jerkers
that’s a new one for you how ya going to handle that…You are one fuked
up degenerate…