Who Shot Ashli Babbit?

I don’t expect to have a great deal of input here personally but feel this will be extremely relevant and necessary as there has already been one ridiculous statement.

Plus I think it will need to be pieced together by people vested in the truth and not some rag of a newspaper deciding what the series of events were.
I do not know who would be responsible for such an investigation but important that patriots push for this as a matter of urgency, I haven’t heard any talk of who the shooter was or indeed a request for witnesses.

If anyone knows how to save a youtube vid I would appreciate the advice. I think youtube will do regular housekeeping with regard to this incident.

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The guy was looking right at her, it was murder he should be arrested


There was still furniture stacked behind the doors, doors not breached, no immediate threat to life.

The shooters options
1 Withdraw back into the room (?) he was taking cover in. Aware that police also coming in from behind the lady ?
2 Withdraw to a more secure area down the corridor ?
3 Fire a warning shot as doors not breached ?

Any better photographs of the shooter should be circulated, he needs to be identified, if not already.

Anyone with knowledge of protocols in these circumstance should make comment.

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The FBI has announced many more arrests to come. The murderers will be prosecuted…

Of course, there wouldn’t be four dead and many others injured or damage to our capital building at all if not for the lawless mob who scaled the walls, smashed windows and advanced trumpian conspiracies to begin with…

The murder will be prosecuted in court where ALL evidence will be exhibited, not prosecuted at PB by internet novices without the evidence being collected right now by the FBI…

Hey fuck you monte. Your attempt at being Sherlock Holmes was rather shite, have you forgotten you already solved the case, you said it was one of her own !!


FWIW, imo she was shot by one of the security guards on the other side of the door.
He probly panicked

Lots of people would not be dead in 2020, if not for the lawless mobs that perpetrated crimes against the states, cities and citizens. What’s your point?

There’s 4,000 Americans dying everyday and Trump is SILENT about it, so hold the pretense. He cares about nothing and no one but himself. We cannot purge ourselves of his selfish and caustic fat ass soon enough…

This place is so much better when the in house clown is not here, but as usual the asshole of the internet has to be heard!



Who would that be…:thinking:

Well… isn’t that the way of all the slimy politicians? You don’t really think Biden and company give a f*** about you, do you?

You can’t possibly be this f***ing glib… can you?

Yes of course, and you too!

No! Just a dumbass twat!

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Every time someone blames Trump for “the violence” show them this video


So the police chief says this
In the statement, Sund said the breach of the Capitol by protesters was unprecedented.

“Make no mistake—these mass riots were not First Amendment activities; they were criminal riotous behavior,” Sund said

And yet this tweet shows the police available for selfies ? Meanwhile a lady is murdered. Something as per usual smells bad.

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I could understand panic if it was a security guard at tesco/asda etc but I would think the police/security for that building would be of a certain calibre and trained accordingly, close protection, siege & hostage etc etc, I assume they would also have radio contact and be aware that other armed police were present in the stairwell/corridor behind the lady ?
If Biden gets in he will be decorated probably !

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