Who killed Malcolm X

A new lawsuit on behalf of the family was filed against the NYPD, The FBI and the CIA for withholding exculpatory evidence in the murder of Malcolm X.

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion’s are about the man, because he was considered a radical at the time of his ascension into public life his character traits are to be admired for a myriad of reasons when comparing certain figures in history with causes to champion to ones of today. His family is right in wanting and stating that he is deserving of justice.

The reason why this breaking news today is important is the same people who were and are still looking for answers in the JFK assassination will be looking into this case with extra keen interest to find out who among us are still alive and connected to the deep state today.

“His daughter states that his friends, admirers, and family deserve and want the truth. That’s true but We The People in general want and deserve the truth. Same with JFK. It will be enlightening to see just how far back the Deep State goes as well as who still in office and/or alive are culprits.”

The deep state started the minute Jesus refused Lucifer’s offer in the desert.

The same CIA, FBI and other traitors 3 letter agencies who killed JFK, RFK and MLK killed Malcolm X.

Johnson was president when all four were murdered, and he had the most to gain when JFK was killed.