Who is the greatest Star Trek Captain?

Yep. I stand corrected sir. I forgot all about that. Good catch.

It kinda blows my mind that Generations was from 1994!

I think since it I’ve only seen the Star Wars prequels, Gran Torino, Where the Wild Things Are, and (in a budget matinee) the Force Awakens in theaters … which is why I sometimes say there’s no boy in my boycott (got nothing to threaten them over).

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In the last couple of series in deep space nine he had the best ship it was easy to be a badass in that ship

I love Deep Space Nine


Me too. Watch it every night

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So far its a tied race, Kirk v. Picard


Kirk was more fun to watch.


One of the worst actors of all time but nobody could play Kirk as well in that series. It needed a completely self important ham.


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Whiney voice narrator. But since it is apparent that few have watched Discovery, this is a decent set of 2 second excerpts.
Recall how in the original star trek Spock’s loyalty to Pike even overcame his great loyalty to his star fleet oaths. Season 2 of Discovery shows where that loyalty came from.

…not saying you need to like Pike. But as star trek fans, you actually deserve to enjoy watching this guy. The essence of the original Star Trek is here albeit corrupted ever so slightly by political correctness.

For those of you who are die hard Trekkers and know a lot about Star Trek trivia and how Gene Roddenberry was still a police officer when he was trying to sell Star Trek scripts to the studios, you will enjoy this 20 minute comedy spoof (sorry about the 1 minute commercial at the beginning):

Roddenberry on Patrol

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The supporting cast of Next Gen was a lot better than the original. The only complaint I have with that one is their development of Data into a humanlike robot and making shows about him. I started wishing that they’d sell him to the recyclers.

Interesting. I see him as the “Spock” of TNG, starting out as one thing and then slowly evolving.

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Just goofing. I am often most stupid when I try to be funny.

Oh. Sorry. Sometimes subtle humor passes right over me.