Who here would be potentially motivated by a third party candidate if they had a legitimate viable chance to win?

Let’s say Howard Shultz does decide to run and gets a lot of support from say other notable people say like those who are on the show Shark Tank, along with say people like John Kasich and Evan Byah (not sure about spelling). Brings a message and a platform that really appeals to the many independent Americans who have grown to hate both current political parties, with say polling numbers over 30%. Would that type of movement sway anyone here to vote third party?

I never vote for the party, only the individual and what values he or she brings to the debate. In a nutshell it depends who they are and what they stand for and if what they are selling aligns with my interests!

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Nope. Made that mistake with Ross Perot.

If we changed our election system so that one votes until someone has a true majority, then sure. So if the third party does not win there will be a runoff between the regular two parties. Yeah…
But as is, naaaa… libs will vote for their wacko candidate and the rest of the votes will be split. It’s a spoiler, given the way we do elections.

A strong third party candidate could throw the election to the House. We don’t want that with a Democrat House.

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The GOP candidate will get my vote. In 2020 that will likely be Trump

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