Who do you take out first?

Let’s say China hits the main land with little Asian men looking to conquer us, do you defend yourself from china and Democrats?
The Chinese are approaching your land and your property You have you sights set on the enemy but you see George Soros to the left approaching looking for protection, who do you take our first?

First of all they are NOT little men some are 7 foot plus . Well at least the ones that fight in the military .
To answer the question George is a goner , splat , splat … :innocent: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

They are little very rare they are over 5’7

Zhang Juncai 7’ 11"
Sun Mingming 7" 9"
Bao Xishun 7" 8"
Wang Feng-Jun 7’ 7"
Yao Ming 7’ 6"
Ren Keyu 7’ 3"
Zeng Jinlian 8’ 1" ( women )
Yao Defen 7’ 8"
Zhang Ziyu 7’ 4"
Sun Fang 7’ 3"

When you have a population with a billion ppl sure you will get a few

Exception rather than the rule. What is the average height of Chinese men?

Perhaps your right , but I remember being shock at the size of the ones I seen dead .

The Chinese often refer to Americans as the rolly polly people who are bigger around than in height.

As a side note, China has over 4 million people in the military, you don’t have enough bullets. As thy have over a billion people compared to our shrinking military who are about to park a sizable portion of the fleet as people give the admirals and biden the middle finger.

Th height of Chine has to do with nutrition, as they conquer the world they will have more for their population.

I don’t know how much more we can take of Biden before someone in the military conducts a coup

Ever been in the military?

That’s Irrelevant do you have a point to make

Having experience in the military gives you a perspective that non military people lack.

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Ummm like what? …………