Who are your favorite movie characters?

Ignore the actors, whether or not the movie sucked and who directed the movie. Who are your top 10 movie characters?

The Joker,Dirty Harry,Frank Drebin,Holly Martin,Mary Poppins, TE Lawrence,The Three Stooges,The Good,The Bad andthe Ugly

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Mine are:

Chris Kyle - American Sniper - Genuine good guy that goes out of his way to put the defense of this nation in front of his personal safety. Cares deeply for his fellow man.

Walt Kowalski - Gran Torino - Another good guy that reminds me a lot of my friends and myself. Picks at our differences, doesn’t care about political correctness and even though he uses racial slurs throughout the movie, it’s very clear that he’s really not a racist, having more in common with those around him than his own family.

Benjamin Martin - The Patriot - Good man with shady past that holds loyalty to his family, community and country. Slow to anger, acts in the name of justice.

Lt. Col. Hal Moore - We Were Soldiers - Another good family man that cares for his country and fellow soldiers deeply.

Maximus - Gladiator - Dedicated his life to fighting for his nation, screwed over by a tyrant and fights back from losing everything to set things right.

Chris Gardner - The Pursuit of Happyness - Good family man that goes through hell and earns his way to the top.

Leigh Anne Tuohy - The Blind Side - Extremely strong, extremely feminine woman that reminds me a lot of my mother. Doesn’t take anything from anyone but doesn’t have to turn to male violence to express that strength. People respect her and she speaks her mind. Again, hyper focused of giving of herself to help others.

Luke Jackson - Cool Hand Luke - Good guy against the system, refuses to quit. The fight scene just epitomizes life to me. No matter how many times you get knocked down, don’t quit.

Those are off the top of my head but it was just interesting to me to see what others thought. I think a few more might be Wolverine, Frank Castle, Maya on Zero Dark Thirty and a few others. Obviously, I like characters in pursuit of justice.

I can think of a few memorable ones:

Fred C Dobbs - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Ratso Rizzo - Midnight Cowboy

Frank Booth - Blue Velvet

Col Kilgore - Apocalypse Now

Deckard - Blade Runner

Snake Bliskin - Escape from New York