Whites On The Chopping Block

Here is a great video of (((the chosen people))) admitting to being behind third world immigration to White countries. On a few threads the Zionist shills were demanding proof. Well consider this your first serving of proof, shills.

Religious ■■■■ literally believe that Western/European countries being completely destroyed by non-White immigration is going to cause their “”“messiah”"" to appear.

Another member of the tribe named (((Eric Kaufmann))) is also going around talking about how White countries are going to race mix into a “mixed raced majority”. He claims that “brown people” will “white shift” into being the new “White people” in a couple decades.

I hear Cheaper Than Dirt is having a sale.


Good idea - they want proof. Let’s dump proof.



They won’t come anywhere near this thread. They are too busy trying to get the mods to suppress speech because of words they don’t like.


Again. Return to set theory.

Sure, some believe these things. It’s the reverse side of the coin to what a few “white folks” believe on the obverse.

But some out of a set isn’t all in the set.

You can’t even look to Leftists who are also ■■■■ to find the same beliefs. No, they as Leftists believe OTHER increasingly ever more crazy things. And it’s the Leftists, of all races, who are the problem.

It’s the Leftists who rather than yelling every day at the outsider, 1984 style, instead have counterfeit profundities like being Woke and have emerged from their echo chambers of their Brave New World to screech incoherently their rage at the native and their neighbor because how dare not to be like them, how dare we be Deplorables!

And where the masses in 1984 were blinded to the internal tyrant, Big Brother, these Useful Idiots yelling at their neighbor are the very ones happy to import Islam etc! They seem to be unaware that THEY are the people who are gonna be thrown from the rooftops.

So what about these particular ■■■■■■ clowns people want to cite in this thread? Well, guess what: they are shouting at the to them outsider, we aren’t their people and they’re doing their own version of the 1984 shtick. The funny thing is, you don’t have to be a mad hatter to do that.

You do have to be a mad hatter to invite in those who want your destruction … but then again how many Left Wingers can’t seem to know which bathroom folks should use these days?

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Now, while we’re at it, why not look at things which the attitudes of the Left gift us with? Shall we?

To those swimming in the cesspool of socialistic thought everything seems to be a question of power imbalance these days.

Blacks cannot be racist, some will tell us, because racism is a matter of having power.

Well, when you believe that gobbledegook, and you are black, you can evidence any level of racism you desire and reassure yourself you aren’t a racist. You can even sit there listening to some demagogue rant about digging people up and shooting them again because they didn’t die hard enough the first time and imagine yourself perfect as your (obviously black, if you’re already believing that much) Heavenly Father is perfect.

But that’s just a subset. Not the set. I know because I’ve seen the odd reply of Christians who just happen to be black when they encounter black Israelites (I’m talking about the bunch that says Africans as a group are Israel … not black ■■■■ like Ethiopian ■■■■ … black Israelites are really really looney, and you can quote me on that).

I’ve often prodded SJWs with the fact that they believe the exact same sense of race as the oooold bigots did: that the color of their skin says something ineffiable about who people are, who they can be or even, no especially who they should be.

If there’s a difference at all it’s that the bigots of old did their thing to keep blacks out where SJWs do their thing to keep folks in (not just blacks), and keep them in their little camps where the Left has pidgeoned holed them.

But in the meantime, yes, we’ve got lots of folks asserting that THOSE people can’t be racists because they are “minorities” even as all whites are racists because we have power.

And privilege. Can’t forget the Privileges.

I guess where we, y’all and I come to loggerheads, is we see the same things but our diagnosis is different.

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Funny I heard it was the globalist want to destroy all democracies show they could control the whole world

I think that there is a war on white people. I know that I’m tired of it. We have every right to defend ourselves and our people. We have every right to be proud of our culture and heritage. There is nothing wrong with any of that. I won’t be told by anyone that there is.


Yeah, I think China is their testbed for the regime they want to impose on everyone. Notice how the Hollywood promotes this shit, the world’s most popular and high budget show is GoT which shows nothing but tyranny and oppression by kings and such, no democracy in sight.

You people create and pass more bull shit than a West Texas Feed Yard.

The Messia the ■■■■ are waiting for isn’t going to destroy the world anyway, that’s just more BS.

The Psyops is working on these groups! Now for plan “B” box them up and send them out on trains!

Some folks are so miserable in their own lives and so full of hate they just have to find someone else to blame for everything and historically it’s the ■■■■ who most often become the target.

The real expectations of a ■■■■■■ Messiah.


How much do you want to bet that a majority on this thread are atheists?

Probably most since the most miserable people I’ve ever been around are the faithless.

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The Chinese will save us .

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