White Lives Don't Matter Signs Appear in Canadian City of Kitchener

Racist signs that say “white lives don’t matter” and other racial slurs were posted in the Canadian city of Kitchener but received no media coverage whatsoever.

One of the posters features an image of Jesus Christ being crucified along with the words ‘WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER’ in capital letters.

Another sign says ‘It’s okay to hate white people’ and ‘racism against whites doesn’t exist’. That sign also features a logo for ‘Kitchener/Waterloo against fascism’.

The group’s Facebook page describes it as “a new organization dedicated to combatting fascism in all its forms by any means necessary.”

Despite the virulently racist nature of the signs, they have received zero local or national media coverage whatsoever.

Neither CBC’s or CTV’s Kitchener/Waterloo pages contain any mention of the posters.

That’s in stark contrast to every single instance of when ‘It’s Okay to be White’ signs are posted, which although not explicitly racist in their message, routinely attract substantial press attention.

Indeed, despite being a 4chan troll to bait the media into overreacting, ‘It’s Okay to be White’ signs often receive breathless, hysterical media coverage in accordance with the ‘white supremacist’ moral panic that has been heavily promoted by the media since Trump’s election.

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This is brilliant. They are testing the media to see what they will cover. Doing this blatantly exposes media bias and I hope that whoever is doing this keeps it up.

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It could be a media test or it could just be groups like antifa ratcheting up their rhetoric so they provoke a response which will help them to identify the “evil white racists” so they can then bash the fash.

If this is just real life shit posting then I agree it is smart not just because it will expose the media but because the sheep that wander around all day not paying attention to anything but their levels of soy consumption and marvel movies will be faced with some troubling things that might cause them to wake up and get angry.

White lives matter when it comes to paying the freight for Liberals endless give away programs.


This is what proper acceleration looks like.

I guess since the White Lives Matter signs didn’t work they tried to go this route to get sympathy.

in case any of you get any bright ideas let me save you some trouble…when whites think they are saying “White Lives Matter” what blacks are hearing is (Only) White Lives Matter…and that is the reason they say this response is violent in its nature since it perpetuates the status quo.

This is stupid trolling because white lives have always mattered, the hope is to add black lives to the mix. Similarly, people without investment-level savings, or any savings, matter, too, but it is only recently become safe again to mention that. Making it a class struggle is the way to inclusion, since the concentration of wealth in white hands is oppressing the less-well-off, minorities, and accelerating the ruin of the climate.

A message best heard by other blacks ! Blacks kill Blacks !

Man , what dumb shit !!! Page 1 in dummycrats handbook ! :roll_eyes: