White Journalist Who Campaigned Against ‘Whiteness’ Kills Himself


Pieter Howes, a white South African journalist who made a name for himself on Twitter by attacking “whiteness” and joining Julius Malema’s anti-white communist EFF party, reportedly killed himself on Saturday evening.

Good riddance.



He battled with depression and lost.

You and I can disagree with him and see his views as asine but he was still born to fulfill a purpose in this life. He robbed himself and others of what he could have been and accomplished given another 50 years on this earth, especially since people’s opinions and views change over time. Especially when depression is treated.

The only time you’d catch me saying good riddance to someone’s death is if they harmed others or animals.

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You’ll find at the heart of much anti-white sentiment among white race traitors and white liberals is an underlying aura of hatred of self. Sometimes it’s due to be genetically inferior, we find often to be the case with SJWs, or psychologically damaged or both, this self loathing results in a desire to see the world burn, starting with the self and the extension of the self in one’s own race. They take great gratification in the browning of these countries, the pain and suffering of their people. All of their arguments are dishonest, the only reality is that they want these policies because they hate. Great to see one of these freaks off himself.

It’s nice of him to cleanse the white gene pool from weakness and degeneracy.

Sounds like he convinced himself that white people were the scourge of the planet.

If you preach this kind of crap long enough there’s always a danger you’ll end up believing it.

I agree and it’s a very lucid point you make! Suicide is the most negative cause a Human being can commit! People who decide to carry out such a cause are only condemning themselves to repeat again in other lifetimes!

I think of this persons poor family and what they may be going through!

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One less moron walking this earth .

He proved he was mentally ill both in life and in death. He must had had a lot of demons which got the better of him. RIP.


I think this is a pretty good observation. Most people who are on the far left seem to have real serious self-esteem issues.

To be fair, he combated whiteness until the day he dies.

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.


Good. Anyone that stupid shouldn’t reproduce.

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