White House: 'We Must Continue Admitting Unvaccinated Immigrants To Replace All The Workers Who Got Fired For Being Unvaccinated'


September 17th, 2021 - BabylonBee.com

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaking on behalf of President Biden, Jen Psaki claimed today that we should keep letting unvaccinated immigrants into the country, since we need to fill all the roles of unvaccinated workers who got fired.

Psaki said it’s the position of the White House that the flood of unvaccinated immigrants is a good thing.

“We must continue admitting unvaccinated immigrants into the country,” Psaki said. “We must use them to replace all the workers who got fired for not being vaccinated.”

“Our workforce is suffering – all these businesses need more workers, and we just told them to fire everyone who hasn’t gotten the vaccine,” she went on. “Mexico is sending us thousands of workers every day to replace those crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists who won’t get the vaccine. And yes, these new workers aren’t vaccinated, either. But most of them aren’t wearing MAGA hats, so it’s an upgrade.”

One reporter then asked if Joe Biden is aware of the border crisis, the pandemic, or the fact that he’s president. Psaki OWNED the reporter like a QUEEN though, replying, “We’ll circle back to that.”

Some may be concerned that allowing waves and waves of immigrants to come in unchecked could be bad for the pandemic. According to Psaki, Dr. Fauci has informed her that immigrants can’t spread the virus because they’re on the “right side of history,” in a similar way to how the virus can’t spread at BLM rallies, Antifa riots, or Obama birthday parties.


This is how fucked up things are when The Babylon Bee is essentially accurate. We are so far Thru The Looking Glass now it’s incredible.

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