White Genocide promoting Boomers get their “Melting Pot” song banned for being Racist

“Ofcom said references to ‘curly Latin kinkies’ and ‘yellow Chinkies’ were too extreme for modern audiences.

The media watchdog said ‘Chinky’ was an unacceptable anti-Chinese slur and was exacerbated by the use of the word ‘yellow’.”


It actually is tasteless, offensive, and obnoxious, though not for the reason it was banned.

So what!!! That isn’t nearly as bad as today’s Rap music . The DEGRADING lyrics about women and killing whites are FAR more worse than that.

But blacks are the ones “singing” rap music so they can be as racist and offensive as they want and the rest of us just have to shut up and take it because - DOUBLE STANDARDS!

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