White Genocide Is Real - In Their Own Words

Two and one half hours of activists, talking heads, and world leaders admitting: White Genocide is real and it is a crime under the UN Convention on Genocide of 1948. See what the media won’t show you and hear it in their own words, then judge for yourself. Please spread this link and video.





I’m not watching a 2.5 hour propaganda video so how about giving us the reader’s digest version or pointing to some specific points in the video you think we should look at?

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Women of childbearing age of all races make up a small portion of the total human population so what’s your point?

So don’t. Why bother commenting on this thread. There is 2.5 hours of direct source evidence to validate the OP, but you don’t want to see it.

I won’t be a part of dumbing you down - if you want that go watch FOX, CNN, MSNBC or any other MSM outlet.


Whites are a global minority at about 4 percent of the global population.

Child births have fallen off the cliff in the West which is driving down the overall global average. But, actually look at the data (since you didn’t provide any) and compare the US with Liberia or any other African or Middle Eastern country and you will see that, comparatively, birth rates across Africa and the Middle East are high. The economic migrants are bringing those birthrates to Europe and the US, replacing us demographically. It’s actually discussed in the first 10 minutes of the video that you won’t watch.





Reminder: diversity is a code-word for “white genocide”.

There is no strength to be gained by flooding the country with third world retards.

They are dumb, angry, and resentful and will kill anyone that makes them feel inferior, which is every white American.


Problem is, the masses simply cannot believe that there is a worldwide agenda to exterminate whites. The evil is too great. They will see their heads cut off by Muslims, before they believe such a thing.

Enjoy your subjugation.


They have to come to the realization on their own. Remember, the daily programming is intense. After all, it’s even viewed as racist now to rescue whites from literal genocide in South Africa when there are millions of brown people all over the world who simply want handouts.

I once got in trouble with our HR department during a bit of “Sensitivity Training”… she came up and started preaching about tolerance and diversity. So to prove her point, she pointed to me, the black man sitting next to me, the hispanic man next to him and the hispanic woman on the other side of me and singled me out and said “Why is diversity a good thing?”…

I said “Define diversity.” … .she replied “Ok, that’s a good questions… so you see Trent, Julio, Lisa and yourself… that’s a pretty good example of diversity.”

I replied “I disagree.”

She looked confused and asked how I could suggest that…

I said “Trent is a friend of mine. He and I were both in the Army, both Military Intelligence. Lisa and I are dating. She’s also former Army. Julio and I are friends. He was in the Navy. We’re all ex-military. We were all born and raised in the country. We are all pretty Conservative, we all work in the oil field, we’re all technicians and in the service department. We hang out and drink beer together when we’re all home at the same time. We all like Country music, though Trent gets into that goofy crap sometimes just to irritate us…” We wear boots and jeans. ALL of us, including Lisa. All of our parents are still married and each of us has multiple siblings. We’ve all traveled the world and we all hate mandatory classes like this. Unless you’re going to make the racist step to suggest the color of our skin makes us diverse, I would say you’re wrong." (That’s pretty close to what I said, though some of the points may have been a bit altered as it was years ago…)

She looked at me with disdain and she said, “Well, this isn’t a productive use of our time so we’re going to move on and you and I can have a talk later to clear all of this up because what you said was a little offensive.” She kicked me out of her class and I never heard a peep from her. We went back and told our boss I got kicked out of sensitivity training and he just about pissed himself laughing… Just goes to show… when they say diversity… they don’t mean actual diversity of thought, they mean color of your skin… which is racist as hell.


Good for you Texashusker. The facts and the reality of the situation rained on her parade. :+1:

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I just get tired of hearing diversity when they mean black -vs- white and are trying to incite racism. There’s zero diversity between Trent and I, both in cowboy hats, boots and well armed ex-Army M.I. pukes… We think alike, we love each other like brothers and we’d take a bullet for each other. 20 years later and we’re still great friends and though our careers have gone different directions, we still talk regularly. Speaking of which, the bastard has my pole saw. Told him not to worry, that branch wasn’t thick enough to hang him from, it could stay but he said he didn’t trust it… That’s the kind of friendship we have and if more people would do that, they would realize how much fun they’re missing out on. They would realize exactly how alike we all are and why we should destroy anyone that tries to divide us. We’re brothers. I find it ironic that I’m supposed to believe I have white privilege and I’m a racist when I have three nieces, a nephew, two brother’s-in-law and two great friends that are black, two hispanic grandkids, asian family members and it’s about as racially diverse a family as you can get and I love every one of them, regardless of color. Well, my white brother in law is kind of a jerk… :smiley: But seriously… every time someone suggests I’m a racist, I immediately know the person talking to me is a grade A MORON. :wink:


Well, my dear?

The politically correct could not possibly fathom how people disregard race and find fast and true friendships. As human beings with commonality that brings our souls together. They must censor and guide it, yet they know nothing about it.

One of my best friends of over 25 years is a black woman. We’ve been through hell and back together. I have her back, she’s got mine.

And this is where it lies. In the character of the person you choose to associate with. Not because it is PC but because they are a great person, which has absolutely nothing to do with the color of their skin or mine for that matter.

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Excellent point.

Would they believe the summary, not likely.

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I’m not sure what point it is you are trying to make.

Birth rates have always been high in Africa due to the low survival rate and lack of birth control.

The population explosion in Africa began in the sixties when the UN started dumping huge quantities of food into the continent to fight famine along with modern medicine and clean water.

Nature used to take care of most of this problem with drought, famine, and disease and man took care of most of the rest of it warring primarily over natural resources.

Africa’s population density is still rather low though and the continent is enormously rich in natural resources.

At some point Africa is going to have to grow up and deal with it’s own problems, it’s not up to the rest of us to fix what they have ruined.

I see no evidence of such an effort on a global level. It certainly exists however locally in a few countries particularly in Africa.

I won’t be subjugated by anyone. Even at my age I have at least one good fight left in me and the equipment and training with which to carry it out.

I’d much rather go out fighting than die of old age anyhow.

If you’re not going to give us a reason to dedicate the time to it don’t expect people to waste their time on something especially something like this.

We Have to Fight this .It is happening all around.


This is the guiding principle, whether you like it or not.

And what’s the smartest move? Pretend as if this principle never existed.

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