White Fragility

I want to thank Tucker Carlson for his brilliant and short review (4 words) about this recently published book that is selling like hotcakes at Amazon.

As I was casually reviewing my Barnes and Noble account and browsing through the offers, I noticed that book and clicked on the offer to read a short excerpt from it. I found it interesting and planned to buy it later. (I still have 4 unread books from my last purchase there.)

Tucker’s scathing review has changed my mind. I’ll not buy a book wherein the author’s theme is to continuously define every action by every white person as racist.

If you’re white and…

  • you want to live in a nice neighborhood…that’s racist.
  • you want to send your children to a quality school…that’s racist.
  • you want law and order…that’s racist

The list goes on and on.

Bottom line…don’t buy the book.

Thank you, Tucker! I’ll not be wasting my money on that one.

If I stay up late enough tonight, I’ll watch the repeat of his show and edit this post to add more details.


The plan is to eliminate whites, full stop. This obsession with blacks would evaporate the moment that happens. Shabbos goys and useful idiots might believe in this “system racism/disparate impact/white privilege/invisible knapsack/etc.” nonsense, but those controlling the board certainly have no delusions about the reality of race. They are merely fomenting this insanity amongst their slaves to inflict retribution on Europeans for Rome’s sacking of Jerusalem 2 millennia ago.

If you liked Tucker’s monologue on this toxic book, watch this video (before it’s gone for good).

In summary:

Whites have done all we can for the blacks.

  • We declared them as equals (but they are not)
  • We have given to them over our own children (but it has not changed a thing)
  • We have gave them a leg up in every situation (but still nothing changes)

As whites move forward, the blacks keep falling behind. The Left is so puzzled by this, that they can only think that the problem is systemic racism, in that you are a racist even if you are not, and no matter how non-racist you are, you still are a racist. The Left solution is to eliminate whites, so that then the blacks can finely be ahead. Oh, they will have to eliminate the Asians, Indians, and latinos too, because the blacks are far behind them as well.


Good link! Thanks! I subscribed!

…and I believe I heard Tucker say that this dumb BITCH Deangelo gets $9000 per hour for speeches.

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Well, I was a bit off on the bitch’s speaking fee. It was $6000 per hour.

If you child brings one of these home as required reading, take it back to the teacher and tell him/her to stick it where the sun don’t shine!

‘Racism’ is a word invented only to silence whites within the dysfunctional multiracial societies of the West. Using it only strengthens it. People who hate and abuse whites are ANTI-WHITE, not ‘racist’.

The New 14 Words from Robin DiAngelo:

“It is crucial for white people to acknowledge and recognize our collective racial experience”

You can’t abolish ‘whiteness’ without abolishing whites.

Until white people recognise that adopting so-called ‘anti-racism’ means signing their own death warrant, their suffering will only increase.

As strange as this may sound, this is a moment of opportunity for nationalists. Non-whites are making the most ferocious case ever for the importance of racial and cultural identity. The melting pot idea is truly over.

When a white liberal has to come out and say it then you know it’s horse shit! This is a good read!

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