White couple, who identify as black, say baby will be black


All the liberals should be fine with this, or else they are hypocrites. If subjective identity is more important than biology, as is supposedly the case for trannies and sex, then liberals must accept that this white couple are indeed black.

Parents have had their kids taken from them for naming them things like Hitler but this is completely fine.

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Of more concern is that they think skin injections will change their DNA. When the children are born white, are they going to love them regardless of their skin color?

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The last thing this world needs is for these two idiots to reproduce.


nothing surprises me when it comes to the left

most are idiots and dense.

If the kid is black well she obviously fooled around on the idiot

That didn’t even occur to me… Good point :rofl:

Nothing new. The old radio Amos n Andy were white men playing black.

I had to laugh at your post.

Why isn’t this considered “black face” in the extreme? I thought cultural/racial appropriation was a no-no these days.