White boys passing on college

The value associated with a University education no longer is attracting young men. So many have been medicated from a young age. So many have been turned off in HS with gender and racial related studies. So many realize it’s no longer worth going into massive debt for a useless degree.
The are walking away from a rigidly leftest union controlled system. Is this good or bad for the future of the USA?

White boys passing on college=Young White man passing on college

This is a problem for future generations of the White community this is critical race theory in practice

Reminds me of the classic line people try to jump me because they couldn’t beat me one on one (I know how that feels)

Going to college at this point is very risky anyway. (Mandatory vax and faculty overrun by BLM and antifa crowd).

Get a real job for some years, and decide what to do then.
(That’s only my suggestion)


I would not promote college right now, instead trade schools where they could learn real world skills is where its really at. College is a waste of time and most are money pits and indoctrination camps.


Trade schools are the answer. No safe or quiet rooms , no required " diversity " classes and not being discriminated against because of being the " wrong " race. Just pure useful education in well paying jobs without a lifetime of tuition payments.

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A linemens isn’t easy.I previously worked as traffic flagger and saw firsthand some of the hazards. In the summer working 40ft in the air with winds rocking the basket.Also working in 90degree heat plus humidity is like working in a frying pan or freezing cold winter weather and working when there is a torrential rain storm.
Tgey also volunteer to work out of state to replace utility poles and restoring electricity.
I don’t begrudge the money they earn and are GREAT to work with as a traffic flagger.


I completely agree. I’m not sure if they teach business classes in trade school though. If someone wants to eventually start their own business learning how to make and keep a profit would be a great plus to their education.


Also as someone with a Trading background I can not stress how important investment is It’s not just about making the money it’s what you do with it

Why would white men want to put up with the indoctrination camp that preaches white privilege and safe places for violent blacks . While whites PAY , others get a free ride . ENOUGH ALREADY !!!

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Because if they are rise correctly they will be inoculated to communism and CRT and if they do a proper educational course it will benefit their future it’s not only college students responsibility to deal with positive discrimination it’s all of us by ignoring it will not go away

Can you even imagine the meltdown libs would have if there was as many all white as there are all black shows , stores , etc. ?


They do teach business classes in trade school. I worked with a few guys that went to trade schools.

I’ve been in the trades for 45 years. There is no one left that knows how to do anything other than push computer keys. The trades need/have to make a come back.

And the pay is outstanding !!! $$$$

It can be. Unfortunately, the area I’m in still doesn’t pay as well as it should. Larger metro areas and big cities pay well. I’m not saying you can’t do well in small areas, they just aren’t conducive to higher pay, for the most part.

Here we have Federal Minimum wage. Business are offering 14+ an hour and the kiddies still sit at home.

14.00 an hour is not worth getting out of bed at 4:00am in the morning for work…lol. I understand what your’re saying, but that is a far cry from what experienced tradesmen are worth. $25.00 minimum is what starting wage should be for 10 years and more experience… and that aint shit.

If we go back to the basic standard needed to own a home , building codes and such, 7 dollars an hour would be equal to 25 an hour, our standard of living is expensive because of Democrats, osha, environmental industry, makes the poor poorer

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