Which football player in NFL history would you clone and make immortal in their prime and play that position for any team you choose?

You were not a STAR / millionaire and someone young kids looked up to and tried to emulate . I’m very glad you no longer do drugs and hopefully they were NOT the very dangerous type . Congrats , keep up the great work !

Unless your last name is Goldman !!! :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

Good for him!

That is great.

But with all due respect to you and he, I dont care about his off the field stuff.

I am imagining him bull rushing or swimming past the opponent’s offensive linemen and sacking QB’s.

Yes it is , but Bruce wasn’t some nobody , how many kids thought if Bruce is doing drugs and playing at that level perhaps it will improve my game too ! Stars have a huge responsible to our young children and show they the right way , and drugs can never be the right way . How many ghetto children are hooked on hard drugs these days ?

You are infected with the distasteful SJW syndrome.

It is not applicable in this thread.

That SJW syndrome is what was the face* of the abominable movement to remove the Charlottesville Confederate statues.

  • Actually, the shadow culprits behind that were Jihadists, imo.

You post like a girl.

Stop applying your rationale in a thread which asks a question which you have not answered.

Which football player in NFL history would you clone and make immortal in their prime and play that position for any team you choose?

You have made your point.

More of that in this thread and I will stop being polite.


And you sound “grown up” indeed ! :roll_eyes:

Wow , after two months here you are a moderator !!! Great job !!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Earl Campbell was probably the guy who I wanted to see play more than anyone else. I couldn’t have cared less whether the Houston Oilers won or lost but Campbell in his prime was an awesome player.

In baseball, I think it was George Brett in his prime.

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Im invoking thread starter authority to maintain a level of thread conduct.

As forums grow larger, the mods are hard pressed to watch out for every little thing.

It then becomes necessary for thread starters to keep things going in the way they see fit as long as their efforts do not break the rules.

And if I go to mods every time someone tries to ruin a thread the mods will get weary of my tattling.

But if you REALLY want to be smacked down by a mod instead of moi, let me know and as a Christmas treat I will oblige you by telling Mom or Dad on you to make you respeck my thread authoritah.!

LOLOL :smile:

Now, play nice and tell us which NFL player you would like to see play forever on any team you choose.

Using WHATEVER standards you wish to use.


The intensity, the controlled fury, the brute force and well honed skill.

Awesome picks!

First of all don’t assume you can tell me how to respond to a post . Second YOU got personal with your comment about

Sounds a bit sexist to me .
Second I could not give a rats azzz about you and your threat to involve the real moderator .

Try keeping your rude comment direct towards ME and NOT my parents who happened to be deceased ! Now continue with your keyboard warrior BS !!!