Where the democrats want to take the us

This is what the soros, marxist democrat party, media complex (including their domestic terrorist
enforcers – antifa and black lives matter) want the United States to look like. I am using pictures so even the astute new green deal dreamers can understand. (hopefully)

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Bernie’s climate change plan is more communist than socialist and is unaffordable and unsustainable

You cannot control people that are middle class. They MUST be put in poverty first.

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Of course you know that there is NO SUCH THING…

Actually, Monty, I agree with you. There are really only two trains of thought in our country right now — constitutional conservatives and everything else.

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In context, there is the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, along with a slew of lesser parties.

Semper fi…great visuals and its exactly what these socialist cretin Dems spewing their green deals want for America.

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Monty, you are couple hours behind me – it’s much too early to be into the sauce!! :rofl: You said there"s no such thing as the marxist democrat party.

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Semper Fi! I was in high school when lyndon johnson became president. Not only did he confirm his party had become communist – I witnessed him get a lot of people killed in Viet Nam.

YES Indeed, LBJ was a piece of work! He is the one who politicized the Vietnam war and prolonged it, it’s was & is awful because the USA will never be same when it comes to fighting conflicts and wars. My husband was a Vietnam vet and as a Marine wife and widow I know exactly what you’re talking about.

My apologies, Monty – realize you are referring to the dictionary definitions. It quit being a democratic party in 1960 when they saw that one mayor (daily) in one city (chicago) could elect a president (kennedy) by having dead people vote. They now rely on dead people, illegal aliens, and felons to win elections.

No I didn’t, look at what part of your post I quoted. There is no such thing as the democrat party.

Actually I was just referring to the party name. It is the Democratic Party, since it’s inseption.

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My condolences. I’m sure your husband felt the same way about johnson, mcnamara, cronkite and kerry as I do. I was there in 69, 70 and we kicked the gooks ass up one side and down the other during tet. Cronkite lied about it, saying we had lost the war and it was my first awareness the media had turned against us.

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You are correct. If memory serves – it was once the republican -democratic party or the reverse of that.

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Yes he did…

Lol, you big kidder you… how do you know my time zone dude? :rofl: