Where does "white supremacist terror" end?

It will end when all the ■■■■■■■ fake terror attacks are debunked.
For ■■■■■ black lives don’t matters, says Brother Nathanael, a born ■■■ from Boston.
■■■■ only use blacks, Hispanics, Muslims as convenient tools for their agenda.

What is the agenda? Complete displacement of whites.


To dilute the IQ of whites leaving ■■■■ the superior pure race. Low IQ people are easier to manipulate. Seems like they forgot about Asia.


Priceless, truly priceless.


Why don’t you ■■■ Haters, shut the FUCK UP and go march somewhere as NAZI WANNABES !!!


■■■■ believe in education; credit where it’s due. I’m not a ■■■■ but I come from educated people. Here’s a good adage: “It’s learning nothing that keeps you young”. Once you are aware of truths ( real truths ), you then begin to age.

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Where do you idiots get this crap? Entertaining as hell but about as stupid as it gets.

Any white man who wishes to stay alive will be branded a white supremacist. I am bone weary to the pit of my imortal soul, hearing blacks, and any other color of the fucking rainbow, constantly crying the fucking blues. Hey Buckwheat, life ain’t fair; never was, never will be. For the record, I’m Irish, and a string of other, only God knows what. That being said, where the fuck are my reparations for the enslavement of my Irish ancestors? [

The Slaves That Time Forgot - Historum - History Forums


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I know what ■■■ lovers want.
The New World Order. (■■■ World Order). Hello 1984.

John 8:44
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

Yeah , and noone wants to talk about reparations for Native American’s who really go the shaft from all sides.
Along with the Irish, the Chinese were practically slaves helping to build the railroads.
Didgevillage, Go put your Gestapo or SS uniform on and look into a mirror to see how STUPID and IGNORANT you are!!! Next you’ll want to organize an einsatzgruppen against the ■■■■■



In case you missed it accoding to Digi, Hitler was just a misunderstood genius who did everything he could to avoid war. Instead he was forced into war with England and France by the evil ■■■ bankers secretly running the country from the shadows.

Hitler never wanted to harm the ■■■■■ he just wanted to help out the Zionists and send them all to Israel.

According to Digi the Holocaust, the most well documented series of atrocities and war crimes in history never happened.

According to Digi, the gas chambers never existed and cyanide doesn’t kill humans.

Of course every fact of history known to man shows all of these claims to be lies but that doesn’t matter or slow him down one bit.

He lives in a constant state of delusional psychosis apparently.

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SATAN bless Bibi and Israel.

Absolutely correct.
Hitler did everything to avoid a war with Britain. But it was Churchill who wanted a bloodbath.

One of your biggest whoppers to date.

Hitler’s only desire was to keep England and Russia out of the war long enough for him to complete the initial conquests of Poland, Austria, The Sudetenland, Rhineland an Czechoslovakia because he knew he could not win a two front war at the time.


Chamberland declared war on Germany in 1939.

Churchill wasn’t even elected until a year after Hitler had already begun the conquest of Europe.

Hitler was forced to invade Russia or the Soviet Union to put an end to the murderous Bolshevik regime, whose next target for bloody revolution was, guess what, Germany.

It’s “Chamberlain” by the way.

Bullshit, Hitler always had his eye on the Soviet Union for their natural resources, particularly the oil reserves.

Quit lying.

You shut up, shabbos goy.
The Soviet Union under Stalin was hell on earth.

If you can’t handle the truth you’re in the wrong place.

Stalin never made an aggressive move towards Germany until After the Germans invaded.

Hitler was a megalomaniac intent on conqering Europe first and then meeting up with the Japanese in Asia and dividing it between them and then to turn their focus on the US.

Nobody forced Hitler to invade any other country period. That was his plan and his choice.

Hitler outlined his plan for and justification for the conquest of all of Eastern Europe in Mein Kamph in 1925 fully fifteen years prior to his supposedly being “forced” into invading the Soviet Union.

I’d personally be more than happy to talk about that.

They worked under very harsh circumstances but the difference was that they boarded ships and sailed to America voluntarily for the opportunity to make a better buck than they could at home.

They also assimilated into our society and most have become part of the middle class.