Where do Basques come from?

The Basques are unique in their blood type and language.
Have they descended from legendary Atlantis?
Are they related to Berbers of northwest Africa?

The Etymology of Basque roots its self in Latin which was further modified and incorporated into French and then later into Spanish. The Basque are genuine indigenous who migrated about 7000 years BCA (or Before Confusion)! First mentioned by written form in the Early day of the Roman Empire.

Unique blood type, ROTFLMAO

In the beginning of the twentieth century, it was discovered that all blood was one of three types : A, B, or O. Basques have the highest concentration of type O in the world-more than 50 percent of the population.

Wait for it, it indicates they chose partners within their communities.

The Basque phonetics seems to have influenced Spanish.
(There seems to be some Celtic influence on French and Portuguese phonetics).

Although Spanish is thought to have developed from “Vulgar Latin” (meaning Latin spoken by common folks), there is a theory that Spanish may have been an artificial language, given certain unnatural regularity. (I forgot what it was, probably verb conjugation.)

Prior to Roman conquest, Basque probably was spoken throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and southern France as well, with Celtic overlay, meaning Celts migrated into the regions later, coming from the west (and not from the east).