Where are the children separated from parents?

Today. Mid-March 2019. How many are in the process of being adopted by unrelated American citizens? How many are in care of relatives? I’ve googled and I can’t find anything less than six or eight months old. I can imagine that there were plans for some of the children to stay with relatives, from the very beginning; that’s happened all along. If they are now with relatives, will they be sent back to their country of origin? Or can they stay and be granted asylum?

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The ACLU is in court on this and is likely to have the latest info.

My impression is that the number staying with relatives was not that large, because ICE was harassing, erm, intensively scrutinizing the immigration status of relatives and their associates. A lot of the rest went out to foster care, which is something of a morass.

Too bad we don’t have the good old Obama days, where they kept immigrant children together, with their exploiters eh?

from https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/did-obama-administration-children-human-traffickers/

Did the Obama Administration Place Immigrant Children With Human Traffickers?

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Well… you likely know where a few of them are, don’t you? …the few that YOU took in and took responsibility for…the ones YOU will feed, shelter, educate, discipline, and take responsibility for if they commit crimes. So at least you know about a few of the kids, RIGHT?

I’m sure @CriticalThinker can tell you about another few.

Why don’t you contact your congress person? Congress is responsible for illegal immigration and asylum laws.

Why would they be allowed to stay and granted asylum? Because they are children? What are the grounds for asylum?

As a side note, how many illegal and asylum seekers are to many? when w reach 100 million illegals and asylum seekers is that too many? Should the US open the borders to all actions of the world or do you strictly want hispanics???

Apparently you a fan of illegal immigration.

Is it worth it to help one million, two million, even ten million foreigners if we make the lives of 325 million Americans worse?

Which million should we help? Isn’t that what our immigration system is for to determine who will best help our country not taxpayers helping them???

Where are the children? Good question.

They are being recycled.