Where all the Dead Bodies are Buried!

Everything you wanted to know from one man who has all the receipts on the “FBLie.”

Ivan Raiklin

Never heard of him? You will.

Interesting fact just in case you were contemplating about investing your time in watching this video is this:

Do you know who Chris Christie’s attorney was during the Bridge scandal? Answer: Christopher Wray!

Something big is coming and its going to be glorious!

Number 1

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What’s the point of a Muslim swearing on the Christian Bible?

We know the religion of Obama’s father, but what about the religion of the mother?
(According to the Jooish law, anybody born of a Jooish woman is a Joo.)

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Aside from being a whore who got around you think she was a Joo from Kansas?

There’s a Jooish radio talk show host(ess) by the name of Dr Laura Schlessinger who preached morals and ethics and all things nice.

But she went gung-ho about taking revenge on the Muslims (or so I thought) when 911 happened.

Soon afterwards pornographic photos of her, which she had taken when she was young, cropped up on the net.

Moral of the story? I don’t know.

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They are all fking whores and their excuse is sexual freedom is ok. Then they wonder why with having multiple abortions and no children that they end up living with a bunch of cats and are pathetically alone and dying of breast cancer in their old age.


Obama’s mom …
A number 1 smelly skank !!!


Part 1

Part 2