When Will Stubborn Trump Loyalists Face Inconvenient Truths?

When Will Stubborn Trump Loyalists Face Inconvenient Truths?

By Geoffrey P. Hunt

Stubborn Trump supporters, especially the most fervent, seem unwilling to challenge the deedless covenant, ask the hard questions that if answered truthfully would confirm that Donald Trump has been a supreme letdown, and his failures – including the re-election debacle – self-inflicted.

Promises made, promises kept? Not when it mattered.

Drain the swamp? Spinning around in an airboat.

Trump never cleaned up the FBI, instead hired the Dem sympathizer Christopher Wray as Director, and except for a few gratuitous tweets about his incompetence, left him in place.

Gina Haspel, CIA chief, kept the job until the last day despite the likelihood she was knee-deep with John Brennan in the active sabotage of Trump’s 2015-2016 campaign and incoming president-elect transition.

Trump appointed, then tolerated clueless insubordinates and leakers like Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, JR McMaster, James Mattis, and Gary Cohn, until the damage was done, and Trump’s agenda crippled.

Trump announces the appointment of General McMaster as National Security Advisor

When will unyielding Trump loyalists answer the following questions?

Why couldn’t Trump get illegal immigration fixed – beyond executive orders easily overturned — and get Obamacare reversed when he had a Republican Senate and House? Why did Trump let Paul Ryan ruin his platform? Why did Trump deliberately antagonize John McCain knowing McCain would undercut the final vote on debriding Obamacare? Why did Trump willfully persist with a toxic persona, alienating suburban voters that cost him (and us) the House in 2018 and led to the first impeachment and a MAGA agenda declared morte by the Democrats?

Why did Trump endlessly rail against billions in federal budget giveaways to Dem darlings like Planned Parenthood, and Marxist countries, but signed the bills anyhow?

Why did Trump never de-classify all the Obamagate documents, and release all of the Biden laptop evidence?

Why didn’t Trump appoint a special prosecutor for the Biden corruption and the 2020 election fraud?

Why did Trump do nothing but tweet when America’s cities were firebombed and occupied by violent leftists for months in the summer of 2020? Why didn’t he immediately prosecute both Antifa and BLM rioters along with mayors and governors who aided and sheltered nationwide insurrections, especially in Washington DC.

Why didn’t Trump attempt to break up the social media monopolies, the real enemy of the people?

Since spring 2020, when Trump knew that unrestricted mail-in ballot rules were ripe for fraud, and knew that the new voting accommodations — especially in Georgia and Pennsylvania – were likely unconstitutional, why did he do nothing? His Republican National Committee was equally AWOL.

Why did Trump abandon the themes and prospects so brilliantly laid out in his 2020 State of the Union?

Why didn’t Trump formally recognize Taiwan as an independent sovereign nation?

Why did Trump persist with six weeks of self-destructive CCP Covid 19 press conferences where he rambled with stream-of-consciousness ravings inviting counterproductive and cringe worthy shouting matches with the media — most of whom would never give him a fair hearing?

Why did Trump tolerate — and elevate – the likes of medical hack and career self-publicist Anthony Fauci whose track record over 35 years has been dismal, but whose advice and misplaced authority plunged the nation into an economic catastrophe, for which Trump was blamed, and will never recover under Biden?

Why did Trump invite Bob Woodward to chronicle all of Trump’s undisciplined ramblings offering up more provender for Trump’s enemies fewer than six months before the election?

Why did Trump agree to the presidential election debates — with the likes of Chris Wallace, a well-established Trump-hater and Dem sympathizer as moderator – and then abandon any pretense at displaying an even temperament, never keeping his mouth shut to allow dementia Joe to choke himself with own gaffe-vomit?

Why did Trump allow Hillary to skate? Why were John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and the other FBI/DOJ saboteurs and perjurers never prosecuted? Why is Andrew Weismann, the corrupt architect of the malignant Mueller Russian collusion probe still preening with claims that Trump is a criminal while Gen. Michael Flynn needed a pardon to set him free?

Why did Trump fall for the trap set by the Democrats on Jan 6, 2021?

Why does Trump believe shadow boxing is as good as landing a real punch? Apart from the 2016 primaries, and on Election Day 2016, what adversaries has he disabled or dispatched as president?

Trump loyalists seem to be only interested in pyrotechnics on the big screen, unwilling to demand from Trump more than fire-eating speeches, accompanied by little else. Where are the demands that Trump deliver his obligations from the shared covenant?

It’s one thing to put trust in a new marshal to clean up Dodge, it’s another to persist with irrational fealty when the same marshal proves he is a do-nothing swaggering self-absorbed windbag.

Donald Trump was always quick to pull back his duster, showing a holster and bandoleer, and badge cast-molded by himself. But the holster was empty with the bandoleer is still awaiting backordered cartridges.

Meanwhile Obama-Biden craven outlaws have returned with fresh ammo gleefully shooting up Main Street, and not only the saloons, but also the church, the telegraph office, the general store, the livery stable, the sheriff’s office, the schoolhouse, and the courthouse.

For decades we’ve bemoaned the flaccid, establishment RINOs, do nothing cowards who capitulate to the left without a whimper. Show me where Donald Trump is any different, and better on the substance of actually getting things that matter done.

ALL CAPS MESAAGES FROM TRUMP”S TRUTH SOCIAL DON”T MATTER. Governance matters, and Donald Trump’s record proves he’s not up to the job.

Well, the hard truth is that Donald Trump failed to do the job he was elected to do: build a durable bulwark against the left’s wanton destruction of western civilization and disabling America as the foremost protector of personal liberty and economic freedom. What was the point of all the fuss and feathers if we’re worse today than when Trump stepped off the escalator?

And so, when will MAGA nation bid farewell, Godspeed, to Donald Trump, and find a worthy successor? How much longer will they cling to an illusion?

No link no image a duplicated thread… what happen to you Lou?

I’m between a rock and a hard place on this. I’m all over MAGA as a stance/core belief.

I don’t care for Trump the man. I don’t care for him as a politician, but… I feel more and more that he is what this country needs in order to right the ship that is listing badly. We need a tough, arrogant, unpolitically correct, damn the torpedos personalitry in the White House for another 4 years… and that would just barely start to fix what this current miserable joke of an admistration has done to America.

I like DeSantis… and Ramaswamy. DeSantis is viewd by most of the country, outside of Florida as nothing more than Trump light. As much as I like what Ramaswamy says, I don’t think he has a chance at all. That leaves us with the asshole Trump. I can take 4 more years of him… and I’m starting to come to terms with the realization that he might be the country’s only hope at this point.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

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You anti trumpers need a tampon … take trump like Manhattan takes it up the :hole:

If Trump is the nominee it will end up being exactly the same as 2020 dems WIN !!!. Another week-end at Bernie’s running the Country into the ground . DeSantis can bring in many more moderates and “never Trumpers”. Trump’s huge ego always gets in his way and he is not the person who is going to turn things around. We need new fresh ideas and a younger person , much younger ! Just take a look at Trump’s home state - Little Afghanistan. Actions speak louder than bullshit speeches . Trum p was a demopRAT far longer than he was a republican , hell he switched parties like Stormy sucked cock !!

Trump was the dipshit who spoke HIGHLY of dems like HarryReid , Oprah , even Nancy Pelosi – ALL TRUE !!! In an interview with Wolf Blitzer Trump was quoted “In many cases I identify MORE as a democrat “ Stating “ it just seems the economy does much better under the democrats than the republicans “

If your own state has been invaded by foreigners to the point you have cities sounding sirens for Muslim morning prayer, and has violent Crime throughout, maybe you need to work on your own state before lying to me about how you’re going to fix the country., Start at YOUR home State. The Trump train was de-railed in 2020. Far too many bankruptcies, rude remarks , Fauci for me to even consider a malignant narcissist again !

I don’t think these attacks are productive. While I preferred Trump over Clinton and Biden, I don’t like the constant drama. He has to stop attacking everyone, cut out the victim speak and start talking about solutions. . It’s immature and it turns people off. Truth is that Trump wouldn’t have to defend himself with regards to Stormy if he had exercised a little bit of self control. Calling a woman your accused of having an affair with “horse face” makes you sound guilty, immature and was so not needed. The people are ready for mature focused leadership. You can’t behave in this manner and then complain that people are criticizing your behavior.

I agree, but I don’t think DeSantis will be thought of any differently than Trump by the majority.

Ron the groomer has no chance

No chance? I wouldn’t go that far. Politics is a fickle animal… as are most voters.

You like calling Ron names…lol… while defending Trump to the hilt! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Jisssbag is a rude moron like trumpy so what can you expect from two childish turds ? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Let’s just say I taught Ron how to shoot a gun, he’s a groomer

Ron D. is an example of the future of the GOP, and Trump attacking him is attacking our future. Win on your own merit Donald, or lose to Brandon again. Trump has no platform for 2024. He’s not talking about any issues at all, just past grievances. Governor DeSantis actually gets things done rather than just tweeting about what he’s going to do. Trump can’t win in 2024. Trump’s mouth made him unelectable. Wake up you few MAGA people. Trump is all about Trump and could not care less about the Republican party.

DeSantis needs to ignore trump and remain presidential. The country is tired from 8 years of trump drama and two years of Biden. We need real leadership. Reaganisque type leadership- and DeSantis offers that. All this petty name calling and childishness reinforces the fact that fatass oldTrump needs to retire. The U.S. has serious problems that call for a SERIOUS president. We can’t afford to lose another 4 years on Trump’s endless childish dramas and tons of baggage. Trumpy’s sophomoric name calling and calls for violence, etc. if he is indicted, etc. tuns voter OFF . Did Trumpy help the party in 2022 ? How did his endorsements do ?

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He called Putin a war criminal… bad choice of words

Nor does dump the Trump.

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If you only had a brain you could find what you seek on the internet using your search engine. But no, your a intellect challenged extremist who would rather lose with trump than look for a candidate that can win.

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Dude you don’t let democrats jail your leaders and just move on the the next one lol boomer

As always you’re a waste of time.

No one is above the law.

What crime did he commit?

Who knew Ron cried and begged trump for his endorsement?

Stupid as the day is long.

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Copy and paste brain dead bomer is calling me stupid? Hahaha that’s funny