When Biden promotes institutional racism, MSM says nothing

Here we are again seeing another example of the lefts double standards and hypocrisy on display!


This is some of the most racist rhetoric We have heard from any president.


Whites need to start playing the same game we cannot live with one another when are people going to start realising this

If America was 90% white the problem you are having would not currently exist because the elites wouldn’t be able to divide you so easily also African people are generally simple minded and very easy to manipulate they are extremely vulnerable to propaganda and East Asian are submissive to authority and subcontinent Asians are corrupted easy due to there greedy nature

Whites need to start demanding preferential treatment

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Sounds to me like he is saying small business owners are too stupid to apply for resources. They can’t pick up the phone and call a banker? Really?

The process is too complicated? Hmmm… Who’s fault is that?


And they wonder why they are hated so much, that they have to steal elections to try to double down on this moronic nonsense! It’s all a bunch of BS platitudes as usual from the left where picking winners and losers is their ultimate virtue signal.

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The democrats have too long been looked at as the stupid party people have been underestimating their opponent. This is just part of a long-term plan like most things the democrats do preferential loans and business opportunities to people mentally unable to run a business and mentally unable to deal with financial success they will become dependent on preferential treatment to run their business and keep it afloat this means they will be continually forced to vote democrat just to pay their bills similar to the people reliant on government handout to feed thier kids the democrats are looking create a never-ending cycle of government dependency

Make it too complicated, that way when big government reaches out to help they hope to gain a voter.