When a Car Outruns the Cops!

This happened little under a Year ago, but can’t say I ever saw a time when a car outran the cops during a high speed chase! I am sure the driver felt pretty smug about himself knowing he is one of few people to accomplished that feat in the modern era! Crazy!

You can outrun the car but you can’t outrun the radio.

When I was young we actually got a kick out of getting the cops to chase us and the losing them.

Today it will get you killed or a very long time in prison with a felony conviction.

Times have certainly changed.

Outrunning the Helo is even more impressive. I’m sure though he hasn’t gotten away. Too many cameras and they had lots of chances to get his license plate number.

Yeah there is no follow up to this story, but who knows! It’s possible that they (cops) decided not to pursue it and maybe he wasn’t caught right then and there, where he probably got to enjoy a few days of inflated self worth before getting a knock on the door! That guy had to be pushing around in upwards to 140, 150 MPH

Most likely they set up the spikes somewhere down the road and stopped him but if they didn’t you know they found him later.

Damned impressive run though.

Let’s apply the same logic to that car they left is applying to guns.

We should outlaw vehicles that can go over 85mph since nobody needs one.

The advice is good for non-blacks too…

Edit: there are plenty of crazy white friends out there too…

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With all those miles and miles of high-speed running, I don’t see why they couldn’t have notified cops in town after town upstream to coordinate intercepts until they finally got him.

But wow. Impressive speed.

We need a follow up showing his face when he learns that they read his license plate.

I seriously doubt he cares one way or another.

How about this? Entertain the many ways he could have gotten away with it, such as: when the chase was over, what happened next?

  1. Where did he go
  2. What did he do once he arrived at his destination
  3. What steps did he take to avoid LEO’s follow up investigation (assuming of course you are right and they have a positive ID on the car
  4. Was the care stolen? (then the license plate issue probably doesn’t apply)
  5. Assuming 4 is correct, what did he do with the car?

Guess I need to get myself a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat.


Well, if he was a total asshole in the case of #4 he would quietly return to car to where he stole it from, wipe down anything he may have touched and gone home.

Why would he bother when its probably safer and easier to just ditch the car somewhere?

It’s a long, long way between towns in that part of the state.

I have little doubt but that they got him down the road.

EDTA: Yep, they got him, he’s going to do three years.

For car theft and evading arrest, not speeding.

Well, if the car hadn’t been reported as stolen guess whose house the cops show up at?

I remember from years ago watching a high speed chase on the Atlanta freeways involving a stolen Suburban and a talented driver. He stayed ahead of the HP and police cars for about an hour.

I began watching the coverage while at work, listened to the coverage on radio on the way home, resumed watching on TV at home. I found myself cheering for the driver. He was using his blinkers to signal every lane change he made…even though he was going at least 30 mph faster than the traffic around him.

The owner of the Suburban recognized it from the TV coverage and was interviewed before the chase was over.

Not a scratch was put on the vehicle.

When the young driver was apprehended and being put into a police car, the TV news hounds were there asking him questions. He prided himself in the use of the blinkers! :grin:

Officer: “Sir, there’s no problem, I just want to say I’ve been following you for the last 15 miles through numerable chances to mess up and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more careful, courteous and competent driver. I just wanted to say that.”

Driver: “Thanks officer! When you’re as drunk as I’m it pays to be extra careful!”

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Gotta like that reporter calling the car a “dodger”.

They would have to prove that he was in the car at the time. That’s why some cities put cameras at intersections to catch red light runners.