What's with the ring? Coincidence?

Above images from jimstone.is

Why are they wearing the same ring?
Any reasonable explanation?

They aren’t wearing the same ring, because all these photos are photoshopped!

Man you are looney! Only you would believe an idiot like Jim Stone! All too funny LMAO!


I’m sick and tired of you.
What more can I say?

Then don’t post fake shit if you can’t take the criticism. It’s that simple! Everyone of those photos are fake!

What should one expect on the Conspiracy category other than FAKE SHIT?

That is why I seldom read here…nothing but bullshit!


Ha, you don’t know what you’re talking about.
The best posts are found in the conspiracy category.

You’re welcome to see the photos of people’s dogs and cats, and dinner plates elsewhere.

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That’s why we have chocolate and vanilla.

No shit, he hopped off the crazy train and took the express crazy bullet train.

Hanging around the conspiracy nuts will literally drive you nuts.

I almost got caught up with that shit during “The Clinton Years” listening to all night talk radio when I was driving long haul routes part of the year.

These guys however seem to think Art Belle and Alex Jones are prophets.


Who’s your master?

One acid trip short of Bellvue!

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I’m not so sure they missed that trip. Just got lifetime return tickets. :rofl:

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