Whataburger Correctly Denies Entry to Degenerate Drag Queen...Then Cucks

Whataburger did the right thing kicking this freak out so as not scare customers. But of course, the freak started throwing a temper tantrum and the outrage mob went ballistic as usual. So the message here is, fuck you regular paying customers and how they feel. Freaks rule the day.


Erika Klash said she was turned away from Whataburger because she was “in drag.”
“Manager didn’t want me to enter and security blocked me from entering without citing any company policy. I am a professional artist, NOT a security threat,” she wrote on Twitter.

The chain responded to Klash’s tweet – which was liked more than 2,000 times – and wrote: “We apologise you had a bad experience at Whataburger.

“We love all of our customers & we are investigating the circumstances surrounding this unfortunate incident.”## Whataburger has apologised to drag queen Erika Klash and is investigating the incident. Klash – who appeared on the second season of The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula – was denied entry to the restaurant at 11pm last Saturday (November 16).

She was in Austin, Texas as she was performing at the 2019 Austin International Drag Festival.

Writing on Facebook on November 19, Klash said that she subsequently went to another Whataburger outlet and used the drive-thru.

She also said she had spoken to a representative about the incident.
As a queer person, It’s also hard to feel safe in those moments.
“They apologized, recorded my statement on the incident, and are currently investigating. I am told the investigation will be completed this week.
“I REALLY want to believe that this was all a misunderstanding, but at this moment I cannot be certain,” she continued.

“When one is in full drag, and there are strangers staring at you while you’re being physically blocked from entering an establishment, AND the person blocking your entry does not give a clear reason for doing so, its [sic] hard for one not to wonder WHY all of that is happening. As a queer person, It’s also hard to feel safe in those moments.”## Klash urged LGBT+ people to blow the whistle when they experience discrimination.

Klash continued: “In short, I could not make any clear determination on the motivation behind them denying me entry. This also means that I could not rule out discrimination as a potential motivation.

Speaking to the Daily Mail , Klash said the company told her in a phone call that there was no real evidence of “discriminatory intent.”

“They did concede that the issue was mishandled by staff,” she said.
She also suggested that she may have been turned away due to a policy banning masks in the Whataburger branch – however, she was not wearing a mask. She was wearing make-up as a part of her drag persona.

Klash has also urged other LGBT+ people to “blow the whistle” if they think they have been discriminated against.

If I was sitting in a restaurant and they brought in a drag queen, I’d get up and leave my food on my plate and head out the door. There’s no way I’m looking at that while I eat.


Great clip. Camille Paglia is right. This is consistent with the collapse of civilizations. There is no turning back at this point. That’s why we need to hit the gas and collapse this bitch already.

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You should need no company policy to turn away demons. If you were in a sane world at least. We aren’t.

I thought Republicans were all about capitalism, free markets, and for personal liberty?

Or maybe you didn’t think.


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Publicly displaying deviant behaviour in a place where children and the elderly may be eating is not part of personal liberty and capitalism and the free market give a seller the right of refusal of a service in a situation like this the deviant did not need lifesaving hospital treatment it was just looking to buy a burger and make a show of itself

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You missed one of the most important parts of conservatism, the right to kick people off of your private property for any reason or no reason. When that freakshow opened the doors and entered the store, it entered private property. That means the owners of that property had every right to kick it out. I wish they had not issued an apology over social media because people sitting in there just trying to have a meal don’t deserve to have their senses shocked like that.

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Exceptions to every rule.

These companies that get in hot water waffling between capitulating to the SJW horde and alienating their normie customer base could avoid a lot of headaches if they simply ignored the Twatter protest mobs. Don’t answer emails, don’t return calls. The freaks’ bark will have no bite if you don’t stick your hand in its maw.

This has nothing to do with conservatives and liberals. The restraunt is a private club, or its open to the public, period.